5 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Office With Canvas Prints

Some people have a special talent for ‘dressing’ their office walls. You walk into their office and are immediately drawn in. Would you like to take your clients on a journey, too? Kapa Tex canvas prints could be your thing. Want to hear why you should decorate your office with them? Read our blog post.


5 Tips for Getting Attention (and Customers) at an Expo

With a flood of marketing online, there’s great power in meeting your prospects face-to-face. Conferences, expos and trade shows are superb ways to do this. For 5 tips on how to get attention (and customers) at an expo read our new blog post. 

How to Choose the Right Business Card for your Company

First impressions matter, and business cards are an integral part of the impression you give out. Too often selecting the right business card design is an afterthought. But it can be a costly mistake to forego such considerations. So here are 5 things to consider in designing your next business card.

The Importance of Having a Logo

If there’s one marketing tool that is used the most, it’s the logo. You’ll see it on just about every piece of communication that’s distributed. It’s more than just an image. A good logo tells a story and evokes emotion. Having a logo, particularly one that is well designed is important, find out why in our blog post.

3 On-The-Go Marketing Tactics

When we think of advertising, a TV ad often comes to mind. But as the world has changed with technology, so has advertising. Think of one thing that hasn’t changed however, driving. You drive past hundreds of potential customers that you could be advertising to. Read our new blog post for 3 on-the-go marketing tactics.


The Importance of Packaging

As more things continue to vie for our attention it’s important to stand out. Many people base their buying decisions on the packaging of a product alone. Meaning your packaging could determine whether a customer makes a sale or not. Want to find out more about the importance of packaging? Read our new blog post.

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