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At Clockwork Print, our core value is reliability

To be functionally reliable, we need to constantly improve the way we do things and to grow in a sustainable way. 

We recognise that we consume materials and energy when we operate, and know that this has an impact on the natural and built environments around us. We choose to operate and grow our business in a sustainable way that benefits the environment, our clients and our employees.

By applying the same skills that make us reliable, we will constantly improve our environmental performance and make our business sustainable in the following ways:

  • Through reusing resources wherever possible.
  • By repurposing used resources wherever possible.
  • By recycling waste when reuse or repurposing is not possible.
  • Through focusing on efficiency when using electricity & water.
  • By constantly striving to replace and eliminate environmentally hazardous chemicals from our production process.
  • Ensuring that hazardous items such as e-waste and chemicals are disposed of in a suitable way.
  • By implementing new technology as and when it becomes available that either reduces resource use, or promotes a more sustainable method of production.
  • By minimising our carbon footprint.
  • Providing a safe built environment for people to work in by maintaining air quality, eliminating volatile organic compounds and minimising the use of chemicals in the workplace.
  • By regularly assessing our environmental processes with the aim of constantly improving our performance and adding to the ways in which we can improve our environment.

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