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Packaging in Perth

When it comes to your product, what it does or what problem it solves is irrelevant if your packaging isn’t bold, attention grabbing, and enticing. The difference between the success and failure of a product can often be the packaging. Clockwork Print offer a range of expert packaging design and printing options right here in Perth, tailored to your new and exciting product so that it stands out, and walks out of the store with a happy customer.

Packaging Is the First and Last Word in Marketing

Your product could have memorable slogans, a multimedia ad campaign, and great word of mouth – but if the packaging isn’t right, it can lead to sluggish or non-existent sales. Clever and exciting packaging can invoke many reactions in your target customer. An unusual shape sets it apart from competitors; colours and logo placement can also influence whether a customer buys your product, or simply picks it up for closer inspection. When packaging fragile products, sometimes function must come before form. This means the exterior is left to do the marketing alone. Above all, size, shape, colour, and visual design must align with customer expectations and customer needs. Clockwork Print are not only the packaging design experts, but can print your custom packages right here in Perth. Ask us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

Clockwork’s Wide Range of Packaging Solutions

Clockwork Print’s team of packaging creatives can design a dazzling array of packaging solutions for all types of products, be it fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), food, electronics, luxury goods, consumables, and more.

In addition to the humble box, we can design unusual shapes and sizes such as impulse displays and trays for multiple small products, labels for sachets or pouches or multi-compartment boxes for fashion and beauty products. We can also produce decals or stickers for cylindrical, conical, or spherical containers.

Our expert printers in Perth can design with extra finishes in mind. We provide full colour print, UV or laminated coatings to give your product’s packaging that extra panache.
Do you have an idea for a shape or package that’s beyond the ordinary? We can custom design your package from the ground up. We can print up almost any shape in matte, satin, or gloss finishes. We can also offer a range of other services including business card printing, sticker label printing and banner printing.

Why Choose Clockwork Print for Packaging?

Clockwork Print are one of the premier design and print specialists in Perth, serving businesses with top quality and reliable print solutions. We deliver packaging your customers will remember long after their purchase, or are featured in the now ubiquitous “unboxing” video on YouTube.
To find out more, how we can design a stand-out product package for you or your business, contact us on 08 6254 9999. We provide cost-effective solutions, expert advice, and high levels of creativity every time, just like Clockwork.

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