Print Marketing Is Not Dead! Get A Head Start On Print Marketing Materials That Will Work For You

Last month, we featured Marketing ideas to help mining industry supplies succeed: Benefits of giving corporate gifts. Here are more ideas why print marketing is still important for marketing to mining companies. 

As long as we live in a three-dimensional world, tangible marketing assets like print marketing will remain useful for business growth. This is true even if the Internet and digital assets have transformed marketing. 

Print and digital marketing are not enemies, but allies. They can work well together to achieve a variety of positive branding and marketing outcomes.

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Establish expertise, authority and trust

Does your business have a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that provides extreme value in solving particular challenges faced by mining companies? You can share that tangibly by capturing and demonstrating your UVP in print for easy, memorable distribution to prospects. And when you are a subject-matter expert, you can create trust as an authority by capturing and sharing your knowledge through various print marketing assets.  

Of course, you could also share expertise online, but when you get to meet people face-to-face and make that human connection, don’t break rapport by driving them away to digital resources. Keep connecting and building rapport in real life, picking the relevant print marketing asset from a suite of tangible print marketing tools to support your discovery and problem-solving conversations seamlessly.

Printed assets to support multiple marketing scenarios

  • Corporate brochure – To showcase your business value and build trust. 
  • How-To booklets – Share client-centric content on how you solve problems. 
  • Case studies – Demonstrate you have problems relevant to prospects. 
  • White papers – Provide proof of expertise and success stories. 
  • Trade magazines – Show social proof through feature articles or advertorials.
  • Product catalogue – Handy leave-behind for referencing specs and other details.
  • Newsletters – Share industry updates and curate promotional information. 
  • Books – Demonstrate subject matter expertise by publishing books.
  • Product/Event flyers – Incentivise action with time sensitive invitations and offers.

Improve recall

Too often, online references to your business can drown in a noisy Internet digital space where so much other content clamours for attention. Smartly produced marketing collateral that your prospects can hold in their hands provides focus. 

You give a mining prospect more concrete reasons to recall your business and trust in your authenticity when you supply printed marketing assets, as this demonstrates your legitimacy and commitment to what your business provides.  Thinking beyond the print materials mentioned above, you could also apply a variety of outdoor advertising strategies like branded shopfronts and large format display billboards. 

Making marketing ideas a reality for your business

No, we didn’t propose these ideas just for fun, even though we enjoy helping businesses succeed with such projects. At Clockwork Print, we have the experience and access to resources to make them a reality. 

If you want to outsource your print marketing audit for free or just ask some marketing questions, we’d love to help. Contact us today to discover what you may not have thought was possible with print marketing. 

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