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Z-Fold, roll fold and gate fold brochures to suit any artwork.

Brochure Printing Perth

Showing off your business and the services that you offer in its best light is crucial. When your customers are looking for more information on what you have to offer, quality Brochure Printing will highlight what you provide. An important promotional tool, a brochure is a good way to attract more customers and provide more information. They can be used in any number of ways including at trade fairs, product launches, business launches, school and college fairs, in your offices/store and at both large scale and small scale events.

Why use brochure printing

A glossy brochure has appeal. Acting as an instant hard copy visual reference of your business, it is one of the most important marketing tools that you can produce. It contains the who, what, when, where and why of your business, answering questions and appealing to your customer’s needs. Cost effective – Compared to many other marketing strategies, brochures can be cost-effective, especially when buying in bulk. Having a succinct summary of what you have to offer will not only save you money, but will generate it.

Build Trust – A brochure is an opportunity to build trust with potential customers. Showing your vision and values. Also demonstrating experience and credentials within the brochure shows reliability and dependability.

Establish authority – Printed materials send the message of being a well-established business. It demonstrates your expertise and shows that you are invested in your customers.

Attention-grabbing – Unlike the online media world, where every attention-grabbing second counts before your potential customer clicks away (bounce rate), a brochure can provide and gain the undivided attention of your customer.

Per-usability – A brochure allows a potential customer time to peruse your business at their leisure. They can put the brochure away and read it later, or read it and put it in a drawer for reference. Unlike online marketing material, a brochure cannot be turned off and is much more difficult to ignore.

How our brochure printing works 

Quality printing – A poorly printed brochure eliminates any credibility that you may have built up. Good quality printing shows that you care about your image and value your customers.

The fold – Z-fold, roll fold, half fold or gate fold are all different ways to fold and display your information. Some industries will have a preferred style, but most don’t. If you’re not sure the best fold style we’ll go through your options with you.

Relationships – We work with you to understand your brand, desired outcomes and marketing strategy to benefit your relationship with your customers.

Customisation – We provide customisation so that you can tailor make your brochure to suit your customers and business.

Design – The design and layout of your brochure can leave a lasting impression with your customers, so it’s important to create the right message. Our in-house graphic design team will get to know your business, brand and most importantly your customer mindset, so that you can produce a layout that will appeal. They also examine image and image placement – seeing as a picture speaks a thousand words.

For a high-quality brochure that offers the perfect balance of impact, design, information and appeal, contact the team at Clockwork Print. We offer high quality brochure printing in Perth and are dedicated to getting the job right first time, on time. Get in touch for a quote, or simply call us on 08 6254 9999 for a chat about your brochure needs.

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