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  • Shopping Centre Height Option
  • 1.5m high for use in shopping centre applications. Does not obstruct illuminated exit signs.
  • Easily Transportable
  • Light aluminium poles with quick pop-up assembly
  • Interchangeable fabric skins
  • Washable, iron-able and replaceable for different backdrops. 
  • Tensioned Skin
  • Wrinkle free with elegant shape
  • Huge Display Area
  • One of the best value freestanding banner units available.
  • Double Sided Print Option
  • Twice the visibility
  • Quality Carry Case
  • Padded carry case with a retractable carry handle.
  • Assembled Size 60cm Wide x 40cm Deep x 98cm High
  • Packed Size 68cm x 48cm x 20cm 
  • Weight 10kg 
  • Assembled Size 245cm Wide x 228cm High
  • Packed Size 30cm x 94cm x 15cm 
  • Weight 10kg 
  • Assembled Size 510cm Wide x 2280mm High
  • Packed Size 28cm x 130mm x 21mm 
  • Weight 15kg
  • Assembled Size 510cm Wide x 2280cm High
  • Packed Size 28cm x 130cm x 21cm 
  • Weight 15kg

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