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Sticker Printing Stock Types

Of all the different substrate types available, paper stickers are the most common. It’s very common to see packaging labels, address labels, logos and promotional stickers printed on either matt or gloss paper sticker stock. Paper is only suited for indoor use and is not weatherproof. It’s also not fades resistant, so if your sticker gets any sort of direct sunlight, avoid this type of sticker printing. Finally, paper is porous, so it’s susceptible to oils and water leaching through it.

Paper Sticker Finishing Options:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Laminated

Removable vinyl is a very common and handy substrate to print stickers on. Most regularly used for bumper stickers, this type of vinyl is suited to outdoor or indoor use as it’s fades resistant and waterproof. It’s easy to remove in a single piece without having to apply heat. It’s removable for up to 6 months after application, but it is important to note that vinyls only stay “removable” for a specific timeframe depending on weather conditions (usually from 3 to 6 months.) If left on for long enough, the adhesive bond starts to behave more like permanent vinyl stickers.

Removable Vinyl Sticker Finishing Options:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Laminated

Permanent vinyl is less common in the marketplace for stickers and is designed for outdoor use with strong fades resistance, very strong adhesive and waterproof properties. Permanent vinyl stickers have a very strong adhesive, which becomes difficult to remove about 30 seconds after application. Removal requires heat to melt the adhesive, and it’s typical for permanent vinyl stickers to “shatter” which means they’ll come off in strips rather than one large piece. They have excellent chemical resistance and can be laminated for scuff resistance in high traffic areas. When you want a sticker to stay where it is for up to 5 years, choose permanent vinyl for your sticker printing needs. Examples of permanent vinyl stickers include safety stickers.

Permanent Vinyl Sticker Finishing Options:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Laminated

Clear vinyl is usually used with window stickers, parking permits or anywhere where a reverse print needs to be made. It has similar properties to removable vinyl, but you should always check with the printer as to the exact specifications of clear stickers. They can either be printed full-colour, which makes the entire sticker, even the darker areas, translucent or printed with white ink that makes areas of the sticker opaque. Premium stickers for marketing and promotional purposes are sometimes printed on clear vinyl for the novelty effect.

Clear Vinyl Sticker finishing options:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Laminated

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Window Stickers

Safety Stickers

Premium Stickers

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Sticker Printing Perth

Commercial clients in Perth seeking sticker printing services can find comfort in what the team at Clockwork Print can manage. We’ve tackled sticker printing jobs thousands of times over our 20+ years in business. We do it all, from custom vinyl stickers to safety stickers. Matte, gloss and laminated finishing options are available for all our stickers.

Our stock printing types for stickers are as follows:

  • Paper label stickers

Paper label stickers are the most common request from clients ordering sticker printing in Perth. This type of sticker should only be used indoors, as it’s not weatherproof or fades resistant. For outdoor purposes, go with the permanent vinyl stickers, which are extremely fades resistant and offer waterproof properties.

  • Removable Vinyl Stickers

Removable vinyl stickers have a light adhesive. You can typically remove these stickers without ruining them for up to six months. In rougher weather conditions, the sticker might only last for three months before it weakens. Removable vinyl stickers will succumb to wear and tear when used outdoors, which means they’ll naturally strip apart in time. This option is perfect for seasonal use, while the next option will accommodate any long-term requirements.

  • Permanent Vinyl Stickers

For serious outdoor purposes, go with the permanent vinyl stickers, which are extremely fades resistant and offer waterproof properties. These permanent stickers only start to remove when the adhesive is heated up. At this point, the sticker won’t tear off well. However, if you need to keep the sticker in one place, you’ll be happy to know the adhesive is strong enough to last up to five years outside.

  • Clear Vinyl Stickers

Most commonly applied for parking permits and other types of window stickers, the clear vinyl option serves similar benefits to the removable vinyl stickers. You can print them to be opaque or translucent, depending on your preferences. It’s up to you whether you want clear vinyl stickers that are white or full-colour. Some premium marketing stickers will be printed on clear vinyl material to create an impacting “novelty effect”.

Get the Best Results with Premium Stickers

Receive top quality results by investing in our premium sticker printing service. We’ll provide sticker layouts at no added cost. Your stickers can either come individually or on a sheet with multiple units — all options featuring easy-peel technology. The backing can also be square in shape, or we can provide custom shaping if required.

Promote and Stand Out with Window Stickers

We’re proud to provide window stickers to Perth businesses. These prints can take up a small amount of space or encompass the entire front window of your shop. To nail this effect, we use reverse print stickers on clear vinyl. Since the clear vinyl stays translucent, we recommend you stick with darker colours to get the greatest effect possible.

Want Quality Stickers? “Stick With Us!”

We’ve been printing stickers for Perth businesses for well over 20 years now. We know what it takes to produce top quality designs and to make sure the stickers are as durable as you need them. Meanwhile, our rates are highly affordable, and we can do bulk or small-sized orders. It’s all about satisfying your criteria. Contact us and request a quote today, so you can leave your sticker printing needs in the hands of a professional Perth-based print shop.

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