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If you want to make a splash on your street front, event, or anywhere you have a bit of high-profile space, Clockwork Print’s range of top quality signage will get eyes glued on your brand, product, or service. We offer Perth’s greatest and highest-grade signage printed and cut to your exact specifications. We offer a range of roster signs, A-Frames, and life-size cutouts – even larger than life-size to grab attention and make your moment memorable. 

Signage and Displays to Catch the Eye

Signage is a sure-fire way to grab attention from street traffic, casual browsers, or anyone who is in the direct field of vision of your locale. We use the highest quality materials and vibrant colours to make sure people not only see your sign, but remember it long after they’re gone. Signs show your potential customers your offering, special deals, and limited-time offers with maximum impact.

A Range of Signage Designs

1. A-Frames

We offer A-Frame signs, which are a robust, portable, and cost-effective way to reach passers-by in Perth. They carry a high impact and are ideal if you change messages often, thanks to easy to use slide-in or snap-in frames. 

2. Roster Signs

Clockwork Print also offers corflute roster signs, which are lightweight, flexible, and weatherproof – even UV resistant to stop fading. They can stand in high-traffic indoor areas such as shopping centres or stores, or have weights added for outdoor use.

3. Life Size Cut-Outs

We can also design and print freestanding life-size cardboard signs. Supplied with an easel on the back, we can make a high-quality cutout sign from your choice of images, photos or graphics files – or we can design one based on your specifications.

Stand Out In Perth With Signage

Signage is not only a cost-effective marketing and branding strategy, but it’s also advertising that’s proven to work even while you sleep. Signs make an impact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also differentiates your business from the crowd, especially if you place signs in a high-profile location. Repeat exposure to your brand engenders trust in passers-by, making them more likely to trust and buy from your business. Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, high quality, weather resistant signs can last for years and years, all while directing hundreds, if not thousands of previously unaware people to buy and interact with your brand and business.

Clockwork Has Signage Covered

Looking for a sign maker in Perth and unsure where to start? Clockwork Print makes the process easy from start to finish, providing expert and eye-catching designs for your signage. Our Perth-based designers can liaise with you whether you have an inkling of an idea or need a sign to fit in with your full-fledged brand. No matter the shape, size, or choice of colours, we can help you craft a fantastic and memorable design for your sign or collection of signage in Perth. For more information, contact us on 08 6254 9999.

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