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Vinyl Sticker Printing Perth

Vinyl stickers are the tougher big brother of paper stickers. Unlike paper, Vinyl Sticker Printing is much stronger, meaning the stickers are less likely to get torn and are less likely to fade. They have fantastic sticking power and are also weatherproof and can be cleaned. They are a great way to showcase your brand, as customisation and design are virtually limitless. As a result, vinyl stickers make a great addition to your marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

Why have Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers make for a standout branding tool for your business. This is because their versatility means that they can be used in a number of different ways, some of which we will discuss below:

Packaging: The packaging that a product comes in makes an instant and lasting impression to customers. It can often be the first contact they have with your brand. Therefore, there is a strong correlation between your packaging and how your brand is perceived. Stickers can be used as the primary packaging for bottles, pots or tubs, or they can simply be used for seal wrapping as a finishing touch.

Promotional products: Sample packs, trade shows, conferences and events are all great places to provide promotional materials. People like free gifts and a sticker qualifies as just that. A Vinyl sticker can be stuck on drinking bottles, laptops and notebooks, amongst many other things. This increases your brand awareness as you acquire not only new customers, but brand advocates.

Serial labels: Inventory stickers or serial labels are an important element of product packaging and include barcodes, SKU numbers and ‘Made in Australia’ labels. With these stickers, stock counting and scanning is easy. You can also utilise stickers as ‘general’ labels that include contact information, ingredients or social media hashtags.

Brand awareness: Think about how many pieces of equipment you have on show to customers. This is particularly relevant if you have a store, coffee shop, restaurant, or open office. For these locations, vinyl stickers are a great visual display. You can put stickers on laptops, bins, cups, tables, cash registers, walls and even floors. Having branding items that are out in the open to the public are a great way to increase brand awareness.

Why work with Clockwork for your Vinyl Stickers?

Your stickers are designed to your specification and if needed we are able to provide the support of our in-house design team. In addition, our aim is to make the task of promoting and marketing your business easy for you, empowering you to create the best products and promotional tools to market your products and services.

Benefits of working with us to produce your Vinyl Stickers

  • We offer full customisation. The design, shape and colours of the vinyl stickers are all customizable.
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment, providing you with high quality vinyl stickers.
  • We pride ourselves on our reliable service, getting the job right first time on time. 
  • We are environmentally conscious, meaning we consider our environmental impact and sustainability.
  • We make sure to consider the waste and repurposing through each business cycle and service we provide.
  • We hire specialists in their fields so that we can offer an expert service.

Vinyl stickers give you the versatility to package and promote your product with pride. For high-quality vinyl stickers, contact the team at Clockwork Print. We offer high quality vinyl sticker printing in Perth and are dedicated to getting the job right first time, on time. Get in touch for a quote, or simply call us on 08 6254 9999 for a chat about your brochure needs.

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