How Custom Packaging Can Improve Your Business

What is Product Packaging?

Product packaging is the means by which your goods reach your customers, whether that be via your own store, another retailer or online. This means that it has a vital part to play in your marketing, as it creates an image, communicates your values and contributes to brand recognition.

At Clockwork Print, we create exciting packaging Perth companies in a variety of industries rely on to ensure their products can make an impact in a crowded retail market.

Why is Packaging important for your business?

Packaging is important for any product, as it can be the deciding factor that makes it stand out against that of a rival. If you don’t include packaging in your marketing mix, you could be neglecting an important channel for reinforcing your brand identity with your existing customers, or reaching out to potential new ones. 

Therefore, it’s important that the design of your product packaging marketing is not only practical, but also represents your brand values and style. Everything, from the colour scheme and typography, to the materials your packaging is made from, is a form of communication with customers, and so represents a marketing opportunity.

Custom Packaging Design

As packaging marketing is so important, it’s essential that you do it right. When you custom design your packaging, you are not only ensuring that it is functional and enables your goods to be transported, stored and sold safely, but you are also standing out in the market.

Our custom packaging Perth team can help you to create imaginative, innovative and practical packaging that does all of this and more.

How to use Packaging as a marketing tool

The immediacy of using packaging in advertising is what makes it so effective — your product may literally be within reach of the customer, and so making the right sort of impact can influence a sale there and then. Eye catching and innovative packaging marketing that tells a story also goes a long way to creating a distinctive brand and voice, which has ongoing benefits for your business’ viability.

Packaging can convey valuable information

The packaging of your products can help to instil confidence in consumers by including important, relevant and practical information. Whether it’s directions for use, ingredients, nutritional value or the range of uses, this sort of information can be what gets a sale over the line, as potential customers see you as reliable and trustworthy, and that your product meets their specific needs.

Packaging and prizes

Using packaging in advertising provides a wide range of opportunities to reach out and connect with consumers. For instance, prizes and giveaways can be a real incentive for customers, and these can be imaginatively incorporated into the design of your packaging.

Interactive packaging

As one of the most innovative packaging companies in Perth, we are always exploring ways in which we can create imaginative packaging marketing campaigns for a range of businesses and industries. Your packaging can therefore go beyond simply being a tool for containing your goods — with imagination, it can become a game, a collectible, a resource, or just about anything you can think of.

This also means that your packaging is to some degree reusable, which is environmentally friendly and helps your business contribute to a sustainable future.


Perhaps the most important feature of using packaging in advertising is the impact it has on your branding, and how this is perceived in the minds of consumers. This means that it needs to have several aims at the same time.

Firstly, packaging marketing is the means by which your name and logo gain recognition, and so ideally these need to be displayed in such a way that it is memorable. The same goes for your brand colours.

The images on your packaging are also important. How you represent your product and the way in which it’s used can have a significant impact on purchasers. You may show the product in use, for instance, or its component parts. Alternatively, you might opt for illustrations rather than photographic representations of the product as a way of helping your packaging to stand out.

The language used in your packaging is also important. How you write about what you are selling conveys important information not only about the product itself, but also the values of your brand and what your company represents — ideally, it should tell a story. As well as the content itself, how the text is laid out on the packaging is also crucial, as your key messages need to be easily accessible for anyone looking at or considering buying your goods.

Choose Clockwork Print as your next business packaging providers

Clockwork Print specialises in creating and printing a huge range of packaging Perth manufacturers, suppliers and retailers used to promote their goods. Our design team can deliver unique, custom design solutions to meet your specific packaging marketing needs, and provide a range of cost-effective ways to get as much attention as possible for your brand and products in a crowded marketplace. To find out more how we can design stand-out product packaging marketing for your business, contact us via email or phone 08 6254 9999.

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