Inkjet printing uses the same technology as your home printer. Inks contain a pigment that is dissolved in water and is applied to the poster using a print head. Advantages of using inkjet include high quality colour reproduction. Inkjet’s disadvantages are that colours will run if the print gets wet, and prints will fade over time. Fading accelerates if the poster is exposed to direct sunlight.  Clockwork uses special UV stabilised inks for its inkjet prints which prolong the life of posters and an 8 colour printing process that gives the best large format colour reproduction possible. Clockwork can print up to 1.5 metres in width by any desired length

Latex printing is the newest and most flexible technology to hit the market. It uses water based paints to print an image on either paper, vinyl or other synthetic substrates.  The ink technology is based on the same formula as paint you would buy from a hardware store. The ink is applied by a print head, then passes through a special drying area in the printer where the water is evaporated, leaving the paint like particles behind with the ink sitting on top of the material. Like paint, it’s very durable, UV stable and suitable for outdoor use, but latex prints are not as hard wearing as a solvent print counterpart. The water based nature of the ink makes it suited to printing Point Of Sale (POS) posters and fabric posters.

Clockwork operates 5 large format laser printers that can produce hundreds of monochrome posters per minute. These printers put down toner which is fused to bond paper using heat. Large format plan printers produce prints up to 900mm wide and any length. Rolls of paper come in specific width to provide ISO sized plans in A3, A2, A1, B1 and A0 sizes. Colour laser wide format plan printers do exist, but to date their complexity means that reliable performance can be difficult to achieve.

The offset printing process uses special embossed flexible metal plates to create an image on a set of rubber rollers covered in ink. The metal plate and rubber roller are in contact with each other. Where the plate touches the roller, the ink is squeezed off. The rubber roller then is pressed onto the print media, hence the term offset print. Offset produces high quality and consistent image quality, but has higher setup costs. For posters, offset usually becomes cheaper at around 100 copies. Offset is usually limited to sizes of about A1 (841x594mm). For large poster quantities, offset printing is the method of choice.

For more information on which method is best suited to your needs, contact one of our sales team.

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Poster Printing Perth

Poster Printing is a powerful, fast and effective way to share your business, brand and message. As a marketing tool, business posters are as popular as ever. A good quality poster can have great visual power in a boardroom, reception, office, bus stand or store. Position your poster in a prime location that people pass every day, and you can build a considerable amount of brand awareness and can gain a number of new clients simply from that location’s foot traffic.

Why use poster printing

Posters are a great way to advertise and market your business, a sale or an event. Inexpensive to print and easy to display, they make an ideal way to promote your brand and what you have to offer.

A person will likely need to see your brand numerous times before they trust it. The more they see it the more they are intrigued enough to learn more. They will also begin to gain trust in it as it becomes familiar. Placing a poster in the right position allows people and potential customers to actively engage with it. Strategically placing your poster enables a potential customer to see it on their commute to and from work, five days a week. They become accustomed to your brand.

Posters aren’t just for outside, you can have them indoors too. Waiting rooms, notice boards, offices, and receptions are all great places to have indoor posters.

Posters can also be used as promotional items. Use them at events or give them to stores or businesses that stock your goods.

Why should clockwork print your posters

We work with you on the design and layout of your poster and have various sizes, including custom sizing. We also use the latest technology and different materials depending on your needs. Below are some of the different materials and poster variations that we offer: 

Fabric posters – Easily foldable and therefore portable. They can be washed and ironed.

Budget posters – Great for disposable single-use. They are quick and cheap. 

Promo posters – This is the middle grade of quality and price. Good for general, non-detailed use such a text and darker colours

Presentation posters – High-quality printing with good tones and colour intensity. Good for photography presentation. 

Laminated posters – Protected posters with a thin plastic film that increases its lifespan.

Outdoor poster – Made to resist the weather.

Monochrome posters – Quick, laser printed, black and white posters.

Bulk posters – Bulk orders provide you with a large number of high quality posters.

Lightbox posters – These posters can be mounted onto acrylic sheets for a backlight.

Whatever your poster needs, we’ll have something to fit both your budget and your specifications. As a great visual way to share your brand and message, posters are an important part of brand awareness, offers, events and conferences. For a high-quality poster that offers the perfect balance of impact, design, information and appeal, contact the team at Clockwork Print. We offer high quality poster printing in Perth and are dedicated to getting the job right first time, on time. Get in touch for a quote, or simply call us on 08 6254 9999 to chat about your poster needs.

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