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Clockwork provides premium Kapa Tex canvas prints up to 1.5 metre wide and any length using one of the highest quality print processes in Perth.

Choose from a variety of high quality framing styles and turn your image into an exquisite canvas print. 

Canvas Border Options

White Border Canvas Simply a white border of canvas material. Your canvas is stretched across the frame. Clockwork takes great care to ensure the edge of your image lines up with the corner of your frame.

Wrap the edges of the photo around the canvas for a beautiful finish. Works well if your photo has a lot of space around the feature you wish to highlight.

If you don’t want to lose any of your image at all, but still wish your canvas to look like the image has been wrapped around the frame edges, you can reflect the image across the border and then apply image effects.

Select a darker colour from the image composition and apply it to the border. The darker colour provides a 3D effect.

Write messages or add small images to the border of your canvas. Add your website or description of the canvas without spoiling the image, or a series of small thematic photos which relate to the larger picture.

33mm traditional stretched mount
For maximum impact, add depth and shadow to your canvas print.

19mm traditional stretched mount
A slimline mount, that doesn’t stick out too far from the wall.

Protect your canvas and provide a high quality matte finish to your artwork. Liquid laminate protects your canvas from staining and gives your canvas a professional finished look.

Kapa Text Canvas Prints Perth

Making art from your cherished memories or favourite artwork is easier than ever thanks to innovative and vivid canvas art prints from Clockwork Print. We can prepare and print all your canvas art prints right here in Perth, with your choice of borders, frames, and finishes.

We use premium quality Kapa Tex to make our canvas prints, printing at the highest quality available in Perth. We offer sizes of up to 1.5m width and any length you wish. Whether you’re wishing to enlarge a beloved photo, enhance some custom art, or even print up some of your own work to decorate your office, trust Perth’s own Clockwork Print with your canvas printing needs.

A Wide Range of Border Options

Clockwork Print gives people in Perth their choice of border options, making your Kapa Tex canvas art print customised to your own preferences. We give you Perth’s widest choice of border options:

White Border
A white bordered canvas, which is both simple and elegant. We stretch your canvas across the frame. We take great care to ensure the edge of your image lines up with the corners of your frame.

Photo Wrap
We can also wrap your canvas in a Photo Wrap style, which wraps your image around the canvas. It works exceptionally well if your photo has space around the featured subject.

Reflected Border
A similar style to the photo wrap is the Reflected Border, which uses photo enhancement techniques to reflect the image in the border area.

Coloured Border
We can also apply a darker Coloured Border to your canvas for a three-dimensional (3D) effect for more eye-popping graphics.

Message or Novelty Border
For even more personalisation, we can design a canvas with added messages or small images embedded into the border of your canvas.  Add your website or description of the canvas without spoiling the image; or a series of small themed photos that add to the overall look of your canvas art print.
Not sure which style suits best? Ask our friendly staff for recommendations.

Stretched Mounting and Liquid Laminating

In addition to a wide choice of border options, we also offer stretched mounting and liquid laminating for added protection and a professional look.
Clockwork Print offers stretched mounting in two sizes:

33mm traditional stretched mount: The recommended mount for maximum impact. Adds greater depth and shadow to your canvas print, for a more dynamic look.

19mm traditional stretched mount: A slimline mount that hugs the wall better and is better for a minimalistic, understated look.

Liquid laminating: Liquid laminate protects your artwork from staining and everyday elements such as fading from sunlight, and dust particles. It provides a high quality matte finish, which looks sophisticated and artistic.

Perth’s First Choice for Printed Wall Art

For Perth’s highest quality canvas art prints, giving you a wide range of options to suit your tastes, contact us at Clockwork Print on 08 6254 9999 for a quote. We provide cost-effective solutions, expert advice, and high levels of creativity every time, just like Clockwork.

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