The Importance of Safety Stickers for Your Business

What are safety stickers?

In the current climate, where we are all more aware of workplace health and safety than ever before, there are any number of messages that need to be shared with your staff and visitors. Safety stickers are the most convenient and cost-effective way of communicating H&S messages clearly to people on your premises, and can convey a range of important information concisely through words, images, icons and symbols.

At Clockwork Print, we design and print a wide range of safety stickers Perth businesses in a variety of industries can use to inform and protect your staff, customers and visitors to your site.

What different kinds of sticker materials are there?

At Clockwork Print, we design and print safety stickers in a range of different materials. These include paper labels, clear vinyl stickers and vinyl wall stickers, as well as custom vinyl stickers which can be either removable or permanent.

Why do you need safety stickers?

The real impact of safety stickers comes from their immediacy — they convey important messages clearly and concisely, and can be located in the precise area in which a risk is present. They can be applied to a variety of different surfaces as well, which means they are very versatile and suitable for use in almost any location.

When will my business need safety labels and stickers?

No matter what sort of industry or sector you’re in, if you have staff, customers or visitors in your workplace, it is likely that you will need safety stickers in some shape or form.

COVID-19 best practice stickers

Anyone who runs a shop or restaurant, or any workplace where staff and visitors are present, will be aware of the requirements for Covid-19 signage that informs people about best practice and the safety measures you have put in place (as outlined in our recent blog).

We design and print a range of signs to help organisations ensure they are compliant with the latest Covid-19 restrictions, such as social distancing floor stickers, removable wall stickers and other types of safety stickers Perth businesses are required to display in the current circumstances.

Australia’s mining industry

In any workplace where there are inherent risks, health & safety signs play a crucial role. They alert staff and visitors to potential hazards, remind the workforce of safety protocols and procedures, and help to warn people in areas where there is a particular risk or danger.

Worksites in the Australian mining industry in particular present a number of potential risks to workers. Therefore, safety stickers are especially important on a mining site.

At Clockwork Print, we design and print a range of wall stickers and other signage suitable for use in mines and other heavy industries, including custom safety stickers that can be produced to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

Our extensive range of safety stickers Perth industrial sites may require includes signs relating to:

  • Explosives
  • Fire
  • Electrical
  • Traffic
  • Chemicals
  • Dangerous or confined spaces
  • Stickers for general health & safety purposes

You don’t need to operate a business that is particularly dangerous or hazardous for there to be a need to display safety stickers or other signage pertaining to health & safety. Offices and retail spaces, as well as industrial, storage and construction facilities, all require safety information to be prominently displayed.

Wall stickers are a convenient and cost-effective way of doing this, as they are versatile and can be used on all types of surfaces and in a variety of locations. Vinyl wall stickers are also very durable, and so are suitable for display in all types of environments.

Looking for the right safety stickers for your business?

No matter what sort of business you operate, you will likely have a need for safety stickers. We can supply removable wall stickers, vinyl wall stickers or other safety signage to meet your requirements.

Alternatively, our team can work with you to design and print custom safety stickers if our current range doesn’t cover your very specific needs.

Custom safety stickers

We are specialists in designing custom vinyl stickers that can be used when you have very specific or unusual requirements. Our custom design team can create stickers in any size or shape, incorporating icons and images if required. The state-of-the-art equipment that we use means that you can be sure we will deliver custom safety stickers of the highest quality.

Where can I get custom safety stickers for my business?

Contact the team at Clockwork Print if you need high quality vinyl safety sticker printing in Perth. Our team is dedicated to getting the job right first time and on time, and we are committed to the highest standards of customer service. Contact us to find out more, or call us on 08 6254 9999 to talk through how we can help create the safety stickers your Perth business needs.

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