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Banners, Signs & Displays Perth

Clockwork Print provides Perth-based businesses with a multitude of professional printing solutions. Clients come to us for banners, signs, displays and more. Our highly experienced team is ready to help with every step of the process.


A leading service we offer here at Clockwork Print is banner printing. Our team also has extensive experience with custom designing professional banners for Perth businesses. Some types of banners we’re able to print for your company include:

  • Flag banners
  • Mesh banners
  • Pull up banners
  • Vinyl banners

We’re experts in full colour large format printing and utilize premium quality inks to ensure your banners look great. Our higher level of production also certifies that your banner will be durable not only inside, but also when placed in an outdoors environment.


One of the most important print jobs we handle is commercial sign printing. Some examples of sign printing services we offer at Clockwork Print include A-Frames, Life-size Cutouts and Roster Signs.

Many businesses find the slide-in option to be best for outdoor signage. These signs are weather resistant and very easy to move, just fold up and go. You’ll get great value out of this type of A-Frame sign when advertising from a street front location.


We also offer businesses printing solutions for their expo and trade show displays. The main printing services we offer in this regard include:

  • Curved wall tension fabric displays
  • Serpentine wall tension fabric displays
  • Straight wall tension fabric displays
  • Tension fabric counters
  • Tension fabric TV and iPad stands

“Tension fabric” means easy to set up, wrinkle-free, lightweight and everything else you could want in material for an expo or trade show display.


Businesses have many reasons for needing poster printing services. Our shop offers a multitude of poster types to professional clients in Perth. Some of these types include:

  • Fabric
  • Laminated
  • Lightbox
  • Monochrome
  • Outdoor
  • Promo
  • Presentation

We also offer budget posters for those on a tight budget. Plus, we provide bulk poster printing services for high volume orders. We’re capable of printing posters of up to 1.2 x 2.4 meters in size.

Life-size Cutouts

Life-size cutout displays really help your business’s message or advertisement stand out. We provide cutouts in three different sizes, which are 2.5, 4 and 6 feet tall. An easel is attached to the back of these cutouts to keep them standing upright. You can supply any graphics, images or pictures, and we’ll literally “bring them to life”.

Reach Out with Your Printing Needs

We can handle your design needs in-house or simply print what you have prepared. With 20+ years in business, you can rest assured we have what it takes to get the job done. Our print experts and in-house designers strive for error-free results. Hands down, you get world-class production value from the staff at Clockwork Print.

Contact us by phone at 08 6254 9999 to get your printing project underway.

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