Sharing ideas that help owners of law firms grow their business, we published 7 reasons why it’s worth the effort to produce branded corporate gifts for your legal clients last month.

This month, let’s look at how law firms could connect better with more people in and around their local community. Let the people in your neighbourhood know you exist! You, your legal services and the value you provide will then feel more real to them, creating more trust. 


Connect better with your community

Stand out better in your profession. In the past decade, the number of lawyers in Australia has increased at a higher rate (almost doubled) than general population increase in the country (about one third). In a saturated market, putting more focus on raising brand awareness can help you capture more market share. Print marketing can be an effective part of the solution. 

Make the best of abundant opportunities. A fast-growing and economically robust city like Perth provides lots of opportunities and demand for legal services, especially in the corporate, commercial, and resources realms. In addition, with travel restrictions related to COVID mean that more people are looking at WA-based law firms to help them take care of legal matters. 

Great ways to make your presence felt

Outdoor advertising in your community.

Strategically placed outdoor advertising creates a presence for your business in your community. Often placed near high-traffic locations (like on top of buildings at major traffic junctions, at airport halls, train stations, and major bus stops), large-format billboards or posters provide regular exposure to your business in the everyday lives of Perth locals. This amplifies recall when combined with other marketing efforts, offline or online.  

To inject more dynamism to capture more attention, consider mobile billboards on buses, trains, and taxis, as well as branded vehicle graphics on your own ride.  

Brand presence on your street.

Retailers do this best, but law firms can also command attention tastefully at their business premises within the ethical marketing guidelines for the law profession. Make a strong impression with a branded office facade. For example, if you have street-facing doors or windows, you can enhance your brand with print marketing. Create a consistent professional branding experience, especially for prospects who visit your office. 

For new prospects, you further make an impression by taking a physical walkthrough of the major pathways leading to your office to check if signage is needed to guide visitors confidently to your office location. Fixed and portable signage options include prominent logos on the side of your building, a banner on an external wall,  directional portable A-frame signspop-up signage at entrances and lobbies, and more. 

clockwork print billboard large format print ad sample

Let Clockwork Print make it happen

We’ve been in the print marketing business long enough to provide a useful variety of ideas for successful B2B marketing. We also have the expertise to recommend the right materials suitable for display conditions outdoors. Discover what we could do for you by contacting us today.

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