The end (and start) of a year is a perfect time to thank your clients for choosing you as their lawyer, show that you appreciate them, and let them know you will always be there for them. Assure them of your professional support even throughout the festive season, especially if there are delays in the progress of legal consultations or complex legal cases. 

To say it in appropriate professional ways that provide real value for them as well as for your business, here are seven reasons branded corporate gifts could be the perfect solution.

#1 Tangibility shows sincerity.

In the Internet-connected age, it is all too easy to say ‘Thank You’ with words or emails, or even through blanket statements, images or videos on social media. Taking the effort to create and send individual gifts of useful items shows your thoughtfulness and sincerity. It also suggests your firm is successful enough to have the budget for appreciation gifts. For example, give a memorable gift of fine wine with custom branded packaging.

#2 Association with useful quality items.

Thoughtful and useful corporate items like stunning desktop calendars and elegant yet sturdy drink coasters help to connect the experience of “This item is useful” with “The associated law firm has got my back”.

#3 People enjoy being appreciated.

Whether you practice family, property, commercial, public, taxation, or other areas of law, showing client appreciation in tangible ways can make them feel good and makes you feel good. It is after all the season for goodwill. Corporate gifts create a positive emotional connection between your clients and your business. 

#4 Nurture top-of-mind recall with repeated use.

Whether you print branded content like your firm’s logo directly into corporate gifts or produce durable quality labels or stickers to put on practical gift items that can be used repeatedly, you can nurture top-of-mind recall. This is done through positive brand association initiated by the actions of your clients when they use your branded corporate gift items as part of their daily life. There is less advertising imposition. 

#5 Direct branding exposure.

Visual exposure to your logo and other corporate elements (like your brand colours, purpose statement and such) helps clients store your business better in their memory for easy retrieval when the need arises. 

#6 Affordable choice of items.

Corporate gift providers and high-calibre printing companies like us can provide classy yet cost-effective items that won’t burn a hole in your budget when produced in quantities enough for distribution to all your clients. 

#7 Efficient use of your time.

When it comes to branded corporate gifts, consider outsourcing this client-nurturing and brand building activity to Clockwork Print as your print marketing solutions provider. Our experienced directors and staff can recommend which printing ideas, techniques and materials work best. Here are some of them:

  • Desktop Calendars
  • Custom Gift & Packaging
  • Coasters & Wind Glass Holders
  • Any custom corporate gift items to consider

Clockwork Print, your partner print marketing

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