The Importance of Having a Logo

If there’s one marketing tool that is used the most, it’s the logo. You’ll see it on business cards, in email signatures, letterheads and mail out leaflets and just about every piece of communication that’s distributed. It’s more than just an image. A good logo tells a story and evokes emotion. It’s important to invest in logo design to create (or redo) your logo. Let’s find out why.

Brand Recognition

With the (what seems like hundreds) of touchpoints where your customers find you, your logo serves as the thing that connects them all. They land on your website and see your logo. They click onto your Facebook page and spot your logo. They walk into your shop (if you have one) and are welcomed with a sign (with a logo on it). It helps your customers and potentials to go ‘ah, yes, that’s them’ in their mind.

Tell Your Story and Differentiate Yourself

So, we know a logo helps people recognise that it’s your company, but what about the message it tells? This is where a professional input comes in. Logo designers understand human psychology. Red isn’t just a colour. It initiates an emotion. And with this knowledge, you can design the logo to help your prospects feel what you want them to feel. The same goes for an image. This can help reiterate the solution you’re trying to solve. Let’s say you’re a mattress company. Yes, you’re physically selling mattresses, but people are coming to you looking for a solution to their sleep problems – sore backs, insomnia, headaches etc. This is really what you’re selling and what you need to communicate through your logo. This will distinguish you from the competition.

A good logo should be different. Why? Because it tells your prospects that you’re different, too. That you’re better than the hundreds of other businesses that do what you do.

Brand Loyalty

Once your customers know you and trust you, this becomes a point of brand loyalty. Whenever you introduce new products or services, as soon as they see your logo on it, it’ll be like a ‘badge of approval.’ They’ll try it or buy it, even if they’re not 100% sure. Your buyers become fans.

Brand loyalty is huge and something every business needs to work towards. A recognisable and familiar logo goes a long way towards achieving this. This is where we come in.

Brand Image Matters and Starts with Logo Design.

Use our in-house design team to concept and create your logo to reflect the uniqueness of what you do. As trained designers and artists, we understand visual storytelling. We have experience working with a wide variety of businesses in all types of industries. Partner with our creatives to organise your logo design, corporate branding, stationery design, product packaging, and advertising and marketing media design. We also have links with other brand and logo designers we often use, so we can provide a wealth of stress-free assistance. To get started, simply contact us via phone at 08 6254 9999 or email at
Remember, it all starts with a memorable logo that helps foster that unique message you have.

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