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What are the words that come to mind when you envisage your brand? How do you want your clients to respond to it? What do you stand for, as a company? What is it that you’re setting out to achieve? These are the types of questions that you’ll cover in brand exploration. And what comes out of these answers? Many things, but at the front of it is your logo.

Your company’s logo is more than just a cool visual take on your brand. It evokes emotions, the right ones, that are associated with your vision, mission, mantra and marketing edge. It’ll ‘tell’ your potential customers what to expect when they work with you. Furthermore, it’ll resonate with the right people, to attract the clients who need the product or service you offer.

Getting your logo design right cannot be underestimated.

Creative logo design.  

If there’s one element of your marketing collateral that’s present in almost all communications, both digital and print, it’s your logo. You use it across your social media channels, your website, on business cards and letterheads, fleet vehicles, livery and all other types of materials.

This is why it’s extremely important that it’s designed in line with the ‘DNA’ of your business. At Clockwork Print, our graphic designers are committed to discovering the core of who you really are, and what sets you apart, as a company and distilling them into a strong logo – a design that your potential customers feel confident to take a chance on.

What do you want your logo to say about you?

Go back to that list of ‘brand value’ words that your company believes in. These are the things your logo design should reflect. And our designers will help you express these thoughts as a creative visual. Think about how impactful the Nike or Apple logos are.

They’re recognisable immediately, and they instantly bring certain emotions and feelings. This is what we aim to do with your logo, too. Good branding is memorable, accurately represents your company, resonates with your audience and can connect in any medium.

This last part is extremely important, especially as the lines continue to blur between print and online media.

Clockwork Print: Typography, image placement & colour experts.

There are various, dynamic elements to logo design. Typography, for example, helps convey the attitude, status and tone of your message. Choosing the right font for your brand is more than what ‘looks nice.’ The appropriate typeface for your logo evokes volumes about your brand, too.

The same goes for colours and the location of images. Colours evoke different emotional reactions, so understanding this helps reaffirm what you’re trying to get across. Our experienced graphic designers have an understanding of all three visual components.

If you’re looking for a logo for your new business, want to make changes to your current design or start over from scratch, talk to Clockwork Print.

Our graphic design staff are ready to get creating. But first, we’ll start with a brand exploration session, to get your brand message absolutely right. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at clockwork@qualitypress.com.au.

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