How to Choose the Right Business Card for your Company

First impressions matter, and business cards are an integral part of the impression you give out. Too often, selecting the right business card design is an afterthought. But it can be a costly mistake to forego such considerations. So below are 5 things to consider in designing your next business card.

1. Who are you?

The most obvious point of a business card is for someone to have your contact details.  But a business card also speaks volume about who you are, so before you launch yourself into design considerations, think about who you are and how you want to be seen. If your business is a quirky, bespoke design company, your needs are different to those of a merchant banker.

2. First impressions count

It is commonly known that impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, with Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov suggesting that the window for making an impression is just one tenth of a second. Now business cards are exchanged in an instant with a passing glance. What will that split-second reveal? Will your business card have created enough of an impression that it will make its holder want to take another look later?

3. Holding the impression.

Should you get past the first hurdle of that first impression, what will a deeper inspection of your card reveal? What will that potential business partner be thinking as they are holding your card, inspecting it and wondering whether they should retain it. Are you a serious person? Are you trustworthy? Are you professional? Are you creative or logical? The colours and font used will tell them a lot about this. A bright, bubbly card with a cartoon font doesn’t communicate a serious, analytical diplomat!

4. It’s all about feelings.

You’d be amazed at some of the business cards people hand over. Poorly cut, cheap or thin business cards indicate a cheap person. It’s all about how the card feels to a person. Consider the type of material you might use and what feeling that might bring to your card. Some of the considerations you will have to think about are whether your cards should be glossed or matte, or whether they should be thick or thin. A business card should never look cheap, and yet a business card that is too showy can be off-putting. Ensure that the business card you design has the perfect balance with a high-quality feel that isn’t too extravagant.

5. Maintain an overall impression.

Creating an image that is not cohesive with reality is likely to be detrimental to your business. So think about what information you will put on the card. Is it to be text heavy, or light? Does it match your personal style? Is it appropriate to your business? Consider the information you wish to include. An email address is a must, but while may be a fun email address for an event organiser, it is less so for a business advisor.

Whatever your needs, ensure you seek advice from a reputable company with experience in the field. At Clockwork Print we can advise you on all matters related to business cards; whether you need assistance from our in-house graphic designers or advice on whether to pick a gloss or matte finish. To get started, you can contact us on 08 6254 9999.

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