Having difficulty remembering which paper size is which? If so these printable paper size reference sheets are exactly what you need!

The ISO A, B and C series, published by the International Organization for Standardization are the most commonly used paper sizes in Australia.

Clockwork provides three reference sheets that contain a representative image of the paper sizes relative to each other, a list of the actual sizes and then a table of enlargement and reduction ratios for getting from one paper size to another. Print one out and display it as a handy reference. 

A Series Paper Size Reference Sheet (PDF) – Series A is used for Standard Printing and Stationery. 

B series Paper Size Reference Sheet (PDF) – Series B is used for Posters, Wall-Charts, other large format printed items, books and occasionally plan printing.

C Series Paper Size Reference Sheet (PDF) – Series C is used for folders, post cards and envelopes. Its designed to fully encapsulate the A series.

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