Why Outdoor Signage is as Valuable as Your Website

Tell someone you don’t have a website and, chances are, it’ll shock them. It seems unbelievable that in 2019, a business can operate without a website. Branded signage doesn’t elicit the same jaw-dropping response. But guess what? Signage isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s equally important as having a website.

Let us explain.

Although a lot of businesses live online now, for any premises that involve physical customer interaction, impulse purchases and attracting passing attention, signage is essential. For local businesses, signage is, and has always been, necessary to bring customers inside. It can be used for both customer services and marketing.

If you’re a café, tucked away down a side street, placing a couple of signs (both on the adjacent main road and in front of the shop), can help guide customers. At the same time, it can attract new people inside who haven’t tried your coffee, food, books, gym or haircuts before.

Signage, just like your website, attracts & directs customers.

Online, your visitors navigate from page-to-page, finding relevant information. Signage performs the same role, physically. You might run a multi-level yoga and health studio. Signs can guide your customers throughout the space, finding the service they need.

However, unlike digital advertising that needs to be regularly updated for Google’s algorithm, signage is a one-time investment. Signs are as timeless as marketing materials get. Walk down your favourite shopping street and notice how many outlets use the same signage, for years.

The same goes for your business. Placing one sign on the main street with a constant flow of foot traffic can increase the number of people walking into your premises. And you never know if one of these will become your most loyal customer… and advocate!

If these people are in a rush or don’t need your product or service, at the very least a sign will position your brand in their mind. And guess who they will think of when they walk past next and do need what you offer? You, of course.

This is why creative design is essential for your suite of signs. It’s prime real estate to communicate your logo, tag line, offer and essence of your brand. Passers-by need to understand what you do quickly because they probably won’t stop.

Tell your brand story, in seconds.

We design and print various types of signs including A-frames, life-size cut-outs and roster signs. If you have a team of employees and regularly meet customers, your business can benefit from introducing signs. Share any ideas you have with us for the messaging and visuals.

If you attend regular seminars and conferences, let us know. We’ll tailor your signage based on these pop-up events so that you can maximise the use of this marketing tool. Our signage is easy to transport and assemble.

As a physical business, you might need to give your customers a little friendly nudge to come in-store. Creative signs give that wave, a smile and nudge. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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