Why Vinyl and Pull Up Banners are Important for Your Marketing Activities

Why Pull Up Banners & Vinyl Banners are Crucial for Your Business Now More Than Ever

It’s been a long haul, but there are clear signs that Western Australia is starting to re-open and get back to work. The WA Recovery Plan, released by the state government on 26 July 2020, details the priorities for economic recovery and the assistance available for businesses in a number of key sectors.

At Clockwork Print, we are specialists in helping all types of business to raise their profile and increase visibility, which is more crucial now than ever. Our comprehensive range of marketing solutions can help you get your name back out into the market once more, and so if you’re looking for banners as part of your expo & trade show displays, or any other type of marketing and print solutions, our custom design service can create a variety of eye catching and cost-effective promotions.

Trade Shows are Back!

Expos, conferences and trade shows will play a vital role in helping businesses re-establish their name. This is, however, going to be a competitive space in which to operate, so it will be vital to find ways to get noticed.

Our pull up banners are an excellent way of doing this. We combine your logo, brand colours, images and key messages to create distinctive vinyl banners that will stand out at any trade show.

Marketing for Tourism and Mining Operators

There are key sectors that will be at the forefront of getting the WA economy firing again:


Tourism is central to WA’s economy and is a highly competitive market. If you operate in this sector, it is essential that your marketing takes this into account.

We design banners, signs & displays specifically for tourism operators, including outdoor vinyl banners and custom-made banners which are highly effective in all types of environments.


There are major mining conferences across Australia in 2020, including the WA Mining Conference and Exhibition at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14-15 October 2020.

This will be a huge event and exhibitors will have to compete for the attention of delegates. To help you, we design vinyl banners and custom banners that will get the attention you deserve in a crowded environment.

Indoor & Outdoor Marketing Materials

Many sectors require marketing materials that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our pull-up banner design team can create indoor banners for a variety of applications, such as way finding, highlighting special offers, or showcasing upcoming events.

Likewise, we can design and manufacture pull up banners specifically for outdoor display. Our vinyl banners are fade resistant and weatherproof, and durable in all types of conditions. 

Getting the Arts Back into Action

There is no limit as to where pull up signage can be used, and it’s especially effective for arts and sporting events, both for marketing beforehand and at the venue.

Marketing Solutions for Cultural & Arts Events

There has been a significant injection of funds into the arts and culture in WA, and if you operate an entertainment venue or run a sports club, you need to let people know that you’re up and running again.

We undertake all types of banner printing and can produce a range of marketing solutions to promote your club, venue or event.

Looking to Design Pull Up Banners or Vinyl Banners?

If your business or organisation needs pull up banners, custom banner printing or any other marketing and print solutions, here are some useful design tips to consider.

Always Think About Your Logo

Your logo is how many people will recognise your business, and so pull up banner design needs to ensure that it’s prominent and easily visible.

Design as You Would Read

The direction of the text on a roll up banner is important, and the design needs to make sure that any words used are set out logically and straightforward to read.

Dont Skimp on Images

Images are central to both indoor and outdoor vinyl banners, so it’s important that photos are high resolution and well cropped. This will ensure that the vinyl banner printing process reproduces your images to the highest standard.

Make the Best Use of Colour

Because vinyl banners are often displayed in busy locations where there is a lot of competing signage, it’s important that the colour scheme enables text and images to be clearly seen, even from a distance.

Dont Stop at Pull Up Banners

As well as banner printing, we can help you design a full range of print marketing solutions, giving your promotional material a consistent and coherent design style.

Why Pull Up Banners are Effective Marketing Choices

Ultimately, it’s the versatility of pull up banners that makes them such an effective marketing tool. Both portable and durable, they can be used in all types of environments and can convey simple messages or detailed information.

If you’re appearing at a trade show, run an arts venue, or simply want a versatile form of marketing that you can use anywhere, a roll up banner is the ideal solution.

Where can I Organise Printed Banners Near Me for My Business?

At Clockwork Print, we specialise in all types of banner printing and design. Contact us by phone on 08 6254 9999 or email us and one of our team will be happy to help.

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