Returning To Your Business With COVID-19 Standard Acrylic Protection Screens & Other Relevant Social Distancing Considerations

While Western Australia is leading the nation in terms of its response to the coronavirus and the
lifting of restrictions, with the state moving to Phase 4 on 27 June, the advice from the government
to the retail and commerce sectors remains clear — “WA businesses will be expected to ensure
their COVID Safety Plans are updated and continue to be implemented.”

Clockwork Print can help WA businesses put in place a range of protective measures that will not
only help to stop the spread of the virus in the community, but will also inspire confidence amongst
your customers and staff that you are taking appropriate steps to safeguard their welfare.

Actions Business Can Take To Mitigate The Effects Of COVID-19

While we are all eager to return to normal life as quickly as possible, businesses nevertheless have
an ongoing responsibility to protect staff and customers. Therefore, it is essential to have a COVID
Safety Plan in place, backed up with the appropriate systems, infrastructure and resources to keep
operating while providing a safe environment for all.

This should include education and training for staff, thorough cleaning and decontamination
procedures, along with easy access to hand sanitiser stands throughout your premises. You should
also be looking at installing appropriate physical barriers, such as acrylic protection screens, as
well as putting social distancing signs in place to help both staff and customers mitigate risk.

Protect Your Employees

If you are a business or organisation where interactions between staff and the public regularly take
place, there are measures you can take to ensure your employees can operate in a safe working

Physical barriers, such as acrylic protection screens, can be invaluable in this regard. They help to
ensure distancing practices are maintained, as well as limiting the potential for the virus being
transmitted between customers and staff. Cough protection screens also instil confidence in your
team and show the public that you are a responsible business taking public health seriously.
Easy to install, clean and sanitise, our sneeze protection screens are clear and shatter resistant,
making them ideal for retail and banking spaces, office reception areas, or anywhere people
interact on a regular basis.

Rethink Your Business Physical Setup

In addition to physical barriers such as acrylic cough screens, there are other steps in your business
can take to ensure that you are adhering to government regulations and providing a safe
environment for all.

Social distancing signs are important for maintaining awareness about keeping a safe distance
from others whenever possible. These are available in a variety of forms, including social
distancing floor stickers that provide an easy-to-follow visual guide at ground level, as well as a
range of wall signage that ensure people are aware of the guidelines.

Most businesses will have been making hand sanitiser available to customers and staff in a
temporary set up for some time, but as there are unlikely to be any changes in government
regulations regarding the provision of sanitiser, your organisation should consider a more
permanent arrangement that is more convenient, less unsightly and easier to maintain.

Hand sanitiser stands come in a variety of different configurations that can be placed in appropriate
locations around your premises, such as the reception area, bathrooms, meeting and break out
rooms, or anywhere where staff might prepare or eat food. Likewise, if your business conducts
transactions with members of the public, hand sanitiser stands should be publicly accessible as
well. This will help to encourage good personal hygiene, essential to ensuring that business
throughout WA can return to normal as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Businesses Will Look Different

It is hard to predict what will happen regarding COVID-19 and the further easing of restrictions.
However, what is more certain is that businesses and organisations will need to operate differently
going forward, and many of the changes that have been introduced as temporary protective
measures may ultimately become permanent.

Therefore, it’s essential that your business is as prepared as possible and that you have put the
appropriate protective measures in place.

Clockwork Print specialises in print and marketing solutions, and we are committed to helping
Perth’s businesses to adhere to COVOD-19 practices in a way that does not compromise your
company branding or identity. Talk to our in-house design team about the range of COVID-19
protective measures we can help you to install.

Contact us on 08 6254 9999, or email our team to find out more.

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