The Value of Promotional Corporate Gifts for Your Business

The value of corporate gifts

The real value of corporate gifts is that they show people associated with your business that you appreciate them and your relationship. Promotional gifting also acknowledges your clients’ and employees’ role in the success of your organisation, and says you couldn’t do it without them. At Clockwork Print, we specialise in corporate gift ideas and can help you to create imaginative corporate promotional gifts that your clients will love, and which show how much you value them.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifts are an effective way of establishing or maintaining relationships with stakeholders, be they clients, prospects, suppliers or employees. You therefore need a variety of branded corporate gifts that reflect these different relationships.

For instance, stationery corporate gifts can be presented to clients and prospects as an aide memoire, as corporate pens or branded coasters are constantly used and so ensure your name and contact details are always available. For employees, corporate Christmas gifts demonstrate the extent to which they are valued in a tangible way.

No matter the recipient, the principle behind custom branded promotional gifts should always be to make a connection, to establish relationships, and to reflect the values of your organisation.

The impact corporate gifts can have with your clients

Personalised corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways of making an impact on clients. Whether it’s a simple present like custom acrylic coasters, or something more elaborate, personalised gifts demonstrate a degree of care that reflects positively on your organisation.

Our custom design team specialises in creating customised corporate gifts, and these personalised branded corporate items not only aid brand recognition, but also show you are prepared to go the extra mile for clients you value.

The advantage of corporate gifts for your business

When it comes to your client base, there will generally two key audiences —  your existing clients, and those who you hope will become clients in the future.

With the former, corporate gifts are a way of strengthening the value of your brand by making sure it is instantly recognisable and always in the forefront of people’s minds through effective use of your logo, brand colours or key messages.

In addition, personalised corporate gifts for high value clients can strengthen the relationship you already have. The Clockwork Print in-house design team can work with you to create a variety of personalised gifts that will show your appreciation for your most valued customers.

When it comes to potential clients, there are a range of corporate gift ideas that are effective for garnering attention. If you’re being represented at a trade fair or conference, for instance, corporate event goodie bags are a helpful means of promotional gifting.

If done effectively, branded corporate gifts can therefore grow your business’ profile, increase brand recognition, and help to create and maintain positive relationships with new and existing clients.

However, it is not only external people who appreciate corporate promotional gifts. They can be a fun way of rewarding employees, while high quality corporate Christmas gifts are an excellent way of showing appreciation for your team, boosting morale and creating a positive environment.

How Corporate Gift Strategies can benefit your business

It is important to have a strategy in place when it comes to corporate gift ideas, in terms of when you give gifts and the items that you choose.


You should consider promotional gifting to clients throughout the year as well as at Christmas time, when:

a) it is somewhat expected, and

b) your gift could get lost in a deluge. Gifts at other times, e.g., on the anniversary of when you first started doing business together, or on an important client’s birthday, etc., can have impact by virtue of being unexpected.

For employees, important milestones and special occasions are an ideal time for personalised corporate gifts, or they can form part of a rewards program. This strategy shows that you appreciate the value they add to your organisation, obtaining both buy in and loyalty.


Your corporate gifts strategy should also include how much you spend. Obviously you will have limits, but at the same time a gift that is obviously cheap or bought as part of a job lot is unlikely to be valued, and may in fact get a negative reaction from the recipient.

Therefore, it is helpful to establish an annual budget for promotional gifting that allows you to purchase appropriate items that have resonance and represent you in a positive way. You also need to ensure that it is equitable, especially when giving gifts to employees, as a discernible discrepancy in price may send a message that you do not intend!

Where to buy corporate gifts in Australia?

We are here to help you devise and deliver an effective corporate gift giving strategy. Get in touch with Clockwork Print to find out more about our creative corporate gift ideas, plus the full range of personalised corporate gifts we design.

For more information, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us, and we will be happy to help.

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