More Proven Ideas On How To Let More People Know That Your Law Firm Is At Their Service

Marketing is a timeless revenue-growing business solution that lawyers who are law firm owners can outsource and leverage. This frees them to focus on doing what they do best in their professional capability. One way Clockwork Print makes a difference is with the outdoor print marketing solutions we provide. 

The National Law Review suggests Branding as the 2nd most important trending legal marketing activity in 2022 after ‘Setting Smart Goals’. It may sound nebulous to the uninitiated, but branding can be translated into tangible and measurable results that increase trust and profitability. An important part of branding is how your law firm is perceived by the people around your office location. 

Do the people near your office even know you exist? 

How do you establish in their minds that your law firm is the best ‘go to’ answer if they need your particular type of legal advice?

Last month, we started to talk about WHAT your law firm could do to connect better with more people in and around your local community (to let people know your law firm exists and get them to remember you when they need legal services). 

This month, we provide some examples of HOW to let more people know your law firm exists with repeated marketing exposure from one fixed-cost investment. Two ways to increase awareness in your neighbourhood and boost your marketing impact are outdoor billboards and business signage.   

Outdoor billboards increase brand awareness

The engagement impact of outdoor advertising is proven: in Australia, more than 7 out of 10 people who notice outdoor billboards follow up by visiting a business website. It is the most effective non-digital marketing medium for increasing awareness and engagement of your digital ‘salesperson who never sleeps’.

With some clever strategising, you can share a variety of value-adding messages on your outdoor marketing assets. For example, grab attention, broadcast your law specialty, remind them why it matters to seek advice earlier, get people thinking, make them laugh. Billboards in high-traffic areas help you connect with people over and over again without additional cost each time.

Quality signage boosts brand equity

Brand equity is the perceived value of your business, not just online, but when prospective clients visit your office premises. This is because tangibility can express reliability and increase trust.

  • For example, a law firm located in a modern building in a bustling business precinct would invite very different first impressions of trustworthiness from a practice located in the front room of the lawyer’s home in a remote neighborhood.
  • If two law firms exist near each other in the same neighbourhood and building, the one with professionally produced signage with quality design and materials will make a better branding impact than another with no business logos displayed, or a text-based sign printed on flimsy A4 paper secured with masking tape. 

Tangible ways to signal to visitors that your business is reliable and welcoming include signage that directs first-time visitors to find your office easily. Do a walk through as someone who is visiting your business for the first time, and note the spots where clear signage could direct them confidently and clearly to your office. Options are:

  • building-mounted signage, 
  • portable A-frame directional signs, 
  • flag banners and vinyl banners
  • branded shop front design, 
  • window decals and door signage,
  • A prominent business name ‘shingle’ over the front door 
  • floor decals with directional marketing, and more. 

Additional ways to help people feel safe during COVID times are:

Increasing your marketing impact with Clockwork Print 

At Clockwork Print, we have the experience and access to resources to make the above marketing ideas a reality. If you want an insightful print marketing audit for free or just ask some marketing questions, we’d love to help. Contact us today on 08 6254 9999 or email us at, to discover what you may not have thought was possible with print marketing.  

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