How to Use Print Marketing to Boost Your Holiday Season Sales

Another timeless tactic of getting people through your doors is via a letterbox drop. Maybe you own a barber and you’d like to fill up the remaining spots in your schedule for December. You could add a coupon or discount offer to the flyer, with an expiry date of the 31st – or, even better, the end of January to fill appointments well into the new year.

Direct mail has always been an effective way to connect with people, but tasteful design is essential, as you want them to like it enough to read it. The easiest way to ensure they read (and use it) is to add an incentive. Make your direct mail holiday-themed, with an end-of-year sale that would spark their attention.

In a shop setting, you could add desktop marketing displays to stock and sell extra items on the counter. Maybe you could pair it as a gift with every purchase over a certain amount to increase sales. While you’re speaking to new customers, why not use this opportunity to introduce a loyalty card?

Even something as simple as good old-fashioned Christmas cards can make an impact. When was the last time you received a personal card in the mail? It’s probably been awhile. Make your customers feel valued and this will get them thinking about your business, subconsciously. 

Get your prints done before people ‘clock off’ for the year.

Use Clockwork Print’s design and printing team to sort out all your holiday-themed prints. From festive gift cards and ‘merry’ signage to store floor collateral and mail-outs, there are so many ways to stay busy during this period, no matter what industry you’re in.

Our team can bring your designs to life quickly, so you can maximise this important time of year. Contact us on 08 6254 9999 to get started.

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