How to Make Your Poster Stand Out ​

Think about how many ads you see every day. Literally, thousands, so if you’ve got a message to spread, the way you tell it needs to be engaging. If it’s a Facebook ad, the content and photo you use is everything. If it’s a poster or banner, the poster printing quality matters.

Capture the attention of the public (and future customers) with cleverly-designed posters. It takes more than just going onto one of those print-on-demand websites and getting posters created. Many factors play a part in the success of that poster to tell a story and stand out. 

First, know the intention of the poster. What is it you want it to achieve? Brand awareness and more phone calls? A specific action? Once you know the purpose of the poster, you can make sure the different components reflect this.

The graphics.

A picture tells a thousand words. While words are important, what is your photo saying, and how is it complementing the message? Beautiful, unique graphics usually draw in the attention first, then the words are read. So, don’t pick anything stock standard for your graphics. Make a visual impact with a cool photo or illustration. Don’t forget to include your logo to reaffirm the connection between the message and your brand.

The words.

Okay, now you’ve got their attention, hold it through the story you tell. How can you get that message across in the fewest words? Your graphics and content should work in harmony. If the visuals are strong, maybe a short, punchy tag line is all that’s needed. Go back to the motivation of creating the poster. What do you want them to do? To feel? To take away from it? This will help craft your message.

The design & placement.

Even if the graphics are captivating and the message is emotive, if it’s not in the right place, people won’t see it. Where do your targets hang out? As you’re getting the poster designed, consider the space where it’s going to be. Is it going to be seen from a distance? Great, then stronger colours might be better. In a mall? Then, being big in size and visually striking won’t be as important. People will see it walking past from a few metres away.

Tell your story with a beautiful poster.

Whether you want to have branded material in a meeting room, inspiring employees in the office or promoting a new product or service at a conference, posters are a great way to do this.

With Clockwork taking care of design and printing, you have a lot of choice – the way it’s printed, laminated, and mounted. We have standard sizes available, as well as customisation up to 1.2 x 2.4 metres. Ask us about all of our poster printing services, including: budget poster printing, promo poster printing, presentation poster printing, and outdoor poster printing. Let us know what you need it for, and our poster experts will help you decide on the best style.

Posters are a great storytelling medium. What tale do you want to tell?

Clockwork Print

Locally owned and operated in Perth since 1995 and acquired in 2013 by entrepreneurs Bruce and Wendy Hawley, Clockwork has gained a reputation as the digital printer to be trusted. Our team of over 20 people is totally dedicated to getting the job right first time, on time. What really makes us tick is our personal approach. By taking the time to understand you, your business and your individual requirements for each job, we are able to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For more information, contact us 08 6254 9999

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