What is Flatbed Printing and What can it do to Improve Your Business Marketing Campaigns.

What is Flatbed Printing?

Flatbed digital printing is one of the most versatile methods for producing printed graphics, and the flatbed printing press we use at Clockwork Print enables us to print directly on an array of materials, including metal, wood, glass, leather, PVC, plastic film, tiles and more. This opens up an endless range of possibilities for your marketing, and is why flatbed digital printing can give your business greater reach.

How do flatbed digital printing machines work?

A flatbed digital printing machine is similar to conventional printers, in that the material that is being printed on passes through the machine and under the print heads so that layers of ink can be applied. However, there are differences that mark out a flatbed printing press from other printers.

This includes the integration of a UV lamp that dries or cures the ink as soon it has been printed onto the substrate. A UV flatbed printing machine can therefore print on all types of materials, as the drying process means that the ink does not slip or run off non-absorbent surfaces.

Flatbed press printing also uses a subtractive printing process, where the process colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (referred to as CMYK) are subtracted from a white base. Desktop printers instead use an additive model, where the primary colours red, green and blue (known as RGB) are added to black.

In addition, digital flatbed printing also enables the application of spot colours, which are generated by non-standard offset inks and can be used to create a range of different effects, like metallic and fluorescent colours.

Clockwork’s range of flatbed digital printing mediums

At Clockwork Print, our high quality digital UV flatbed printing machines mean that we can produce marketing collateral, signage and printed graphics on a range of materials. No matter the sort of signage you need, we can create it in almost any type of media, and our UV flatbed printing services can produce signs, banners and other displays on:

Clockwork’s flatbed digital printing process

The flatbed printing process features UV light that instantly dries the ink printed on the substrate. It is this part of the process that marks out digital flatbed printing from other printing processes and enables lettering, icons and images to be printed on almost any type of surface.

Another significant benefit of our flatbed printing services is that the process produces greater precision and clarity in letters, logos and images. Also, the final product can be displayed immediately, so flatbed printing is ideal when a quick turnaround is required.

The UV and UV LED light in Clockwork’s digital flatbed printing services

Flatbed digital printing employs UV ink that can be cured as soon as it has been applied. Consequently, flatbed press printing enables marketing collateral to be created from a variety of materials, including non-absorbent surfaces like plastic, metal, glass and wood.

As well as ensuring that colours are vibrant, the flatbed printing process produces robust and durable signage that can be displayed in any location. Manual flatbed screen printing is also a rapid process, perfect when you need marketing materials in a hurry.

What are the benefits of flatbed digital printing?

Digital flatbed printing produces significant benefits, including precise images, crisp lettering and clear logos in a variety of media.

Our flatbed printing services also provide fast turnaround times and the ability to print on demand. It also produces strong, durable and lost-lasting signage that provides exceptional value for money.

How can Clockwork’s flatbed digital printing improve your business’s marketing campaigns?

At Clockwork Print, we ensure your marketing makes an impact across all media. We provide cost-effective wholesale flatbed printing for all types of applications, so whether you are appearing at a trade show, moving premises, launching a new product or simply want to showcase yourself, our flatbed printing services get your message out there.

How to prepare your files for Clockwork’s flatbed digital printing solutions

It is important that files are prepared so that they produce the highest quality end product. This means that artwork should be saved using the highest resolution possible, and created using CMYK colour separation. We would also recommend contacting our in-house design team to discuss the precise dimensions of your signage.

Where is the best flatbed digital printing services near me?

If you have any questions about the flatbed printing process in Perth, please feel to contact us on 08 6254 9999 or via email.

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