Engage Your Clients With Your Brand Without ‘Selling’

Have you attended any expos recently? Expos offer a unique opportunity to connect with a large group of people who are interested in what you do. Maybe you run a gym or a health food shop and there’s a fitness expo coming up. Setting up an expo or trade show site display, puts your business in front of individuals, groups and complementary businesses who already love your industry.

But, with expos, you’re in a large room with dozens of other brands, so it’s important to prepare your stand to attract the most attention. This was the motivation behind creating our expo packs – to leverage that face-to-face contact with potential customers as they’re wandering around. Our expo packs make the planning process stress-free, providing you with all the essential printed items you need.

They come into two options: ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro.’ For example, in our ‘Lite’ package, you’ll receive a branded pull-up banner, 250 business cards, 500 colour flyers and 250 brochures. Our ‘Pro’ option includes these items, plus a fabric wall display and a brochure stand. All inclusions are portable, reusable and robust, so you can continue to use them for future expos, conferences and even in your workspace reception.

Need something specific? Just ask, because we have a wide range of add-ons, such as pedestal stands, carry cases and counter displays.

Now you’ve got your printed collateral sorted, here are some other things to think about.

Make your expos & trade shows a success.

It’s helpful to think about your budget and what else you need to organise. Are there specific team members that you’d like to present? Plan who will be speaking to expo attendees. Always have at least two or three people there, just in case someone needs to leave. 

Write down any goals you have for the expo and communicate them with your team. Is it just for brand awareness, or will you present your guests with a special offer or call to action to get potential client details? Clarity is essential to maximise the opportunity. Take the time to train any staff on what to say, how to communicate, and ways in which to steer the conversations to prompt action.

Even though you have a stand, this doesn’t mean you can’t wander around and network. With your three (or more) staff there, you’ll be able to do this. Take turns joining attendees and walking around the expo. Talk to different companies, suppliers, distributors and the attendees themselves. Strike up conversations and encourage them to come over to visit your stand.

Think about how you can be as interactive as possible and don’t feel like you have to wait for people to come up to you. The more involved your audience, the better. So, when they’re at your stand, ignite that two-way conversation, don’t go straight for the sell, and learn about their needs.

Pick your expo pack today.

No more stressing out, frantically organising your items pre-expo. It feels good to be prepared, doesn’t it? Your potential customers will love it, too. Contact us on 08 9321 0877 or email us at clockwork@qualitypress.com.au to find out more about our expo packs.

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