5 Tips for Getting Attention (and Customers) at an Expo

 With so much of marketing being online now, there’s great power in meeting your prospects face-to-face. Conferences, expos and trade shows are wonderful ways to do this. But it’s not as simple as booking a stand and hoping people come up to talk to you. Make sure you’re prepared. Starting with your expo and trade show displays, then follow the rest of these tips. 

1. Creative displays 

Chances are, there’s going to be dozens, maybe hundreds, of other stands. You need to give people a reason to walk up to and into your stand, especially if they don’t know your brand. Grab their attention by organising fabric displays that people will spot from booths away. You can use them for your expos, trade shows, fairs, conventions, events and in the office. Our displays, for example, are easy to move, quick to put up and won’t wrinkle. Let us know the size of your stand so we can recommend a style accordingly – straight wallcurved wall or serpentine wall. We also design tension fabric TV and iPad stands.  

2. ‘Design’ the space 

Once you’ve got the display sorted, you can plan how to use the space around it. Use bright colours, reiterate your message on things like stationery, branded T-shirts and brochures. Inject as much of your brand’s personality into the space as possible. You want your booth to scream ‘approachable’. This means smiling faces handing out reading materials such as flyers or ushering people in to watch a video demo. 

3. Be proactive 

Why not assign booth hosts? Not to annoy people, of course, but to make the experience more proactive, rather than reactive. They don’t even need to be the same people who stand at the booths. Ask the expo organiser whether you can have a couple of hosts who walk around the event or stand at the entrance welcoming people over.

4. Run a contest 

Nothing drums up attention like a good old fashioned competition. Who doesn’t like to win something? Plan contests, prize draws and special promotions to attract people to your stand. Turn it into a lead generation strategy by collecting the business cards of everyone who enters or fills out a form. You’ll learn more about the people who are interested in your offering, which is extremely valuable for future marketing. 

5. Food, food, food! 

And for those people who were too shy to come over and join a friendly competition, offer snacks. Make sure they reflect your company’s culture and vibe. It could be as simple as a branded bottled water or a ‘party bag’ with a business card and special on it. Your company will be one they remember, especially when they compare it to the papers and brochures. 

Personalise your expo and trade show stand. 

Let’s start with your displays and work forwards from there. We work with many brands to help tell their story in a trade show setting. 

Clockwork Print  

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