5 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Office With Canvas Prints Made From Kapa Tex

Some people just have a special talent for ‘dressing’ their office walls. You know, you walk into their office and are immediately drawn to art, photos, hanging lights and plants. Would you like to take your clients on a journey, too? Kapa Tex Canvas Prints could be your thing.

Canvas vs photo frames.

#1: Relive your memories, every day.

Some memories are just too good to keep hidden in your photo library on your laptop, computer or camera. Bring them to life through a large canvas. These prints can be placed anywhere in your office- whether it’s your workspace, reception area or office corridor. It’s a great way to showcase your business’s sense of style, personality and the things that your business has achieved in a more creative way than just hanging photo frames.

#2: Stylish statements

Often, in main areas like the reception area you want a statement piece that encapsulates people as they walk in. Sometimes it’s a rug, a beautiful vase or a vintage table. But if you’re looking for an easy and affordable option, hang a large Kapa Tex canvas in the middle of the main wall for impact. The artwork sets a specific atmosphere. What do you want people to feel? This might help you decide whether to use a festive photo, a destination or an evocative piece of art.

#3: Affordable

Best of all, Kapa Tex canvas prints are affordable. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve that jaw-dropping WOW. Compare the price of a wall canvas to an expensive Persian rug, and you’ll see why more people are using canvas as a decoration tool. They’re great for all types of spaces, residential and commercial.

#4: Flexible

Another cool thing about Kapa Tex canvas prints is that they’re lightweight. You can easily move them around to different spots in the office, depending on what you’re feeling and the look you’re creating. Maybe you have a new photo you’d like to print, but you still like the old canvas. Great! Move one to the corridor in minutes.

#5: Endless choice

There are no limits to the kind of photos that can be printed on a Kapa Tex canvas either. For the organisation’s team photo, you might prefer a big canvas that can sit in the main common area. But for those recent event photos that you just can’t choose between, why not get a few smaller canvas prints to put around the office. It’ll be like you’re reliving that business conference all over again.

Let’s organise your canvas prints.

Have you got an excellent shot of your employees? Turn it from a digital image to a beautiful piece of art for your office. Contact us and let us know what border, frame and finish you’re after. Your options include white border canvas, a photo wrap, reflected border, coloured border, message or novelty border, stretched mounting, and liquid laminating. Following industry-leading print processes, our Kapa Tex canvas designers can make it as big as 1.5 metres wide and any length.

Let that memory live on forever, in canvas form in your office.

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