5 Proven Ways to Bring Sales from Your Brochures

Brochures, are they a smart investment? Worried they’ll just collect dust or end up in the bin? It’s good to be critical, as it’s important to be conscious about business decisions like this. However, whether you choose to work with brochures comes down to one thing: your customers.

This will help answer your question. Consider how your customers behave. Do they ask for physical resources to help in their decision-making? What’s your website like? Is it comprehensive, or do you find your customers still prefer to learn with physical brochures?

When looking at physical marketing materials, brochures should be at the top of the list. When used correctly, brochures are an exceptional tool for driving sales. Here are five ways you can generate marketing attention and sales from your brochures.

  • Connect with your audience

Design your brochure with a clear audience in mind. If your brochure manages to connect with your audience, they’re more likely to hold onto it. Because a brochure is a physical item, they can then look at it in their own time. We’re all living busy lives, having a reminder of your brand in their home could be enough for them to choose you.

  • Make it easy for them

Instead of having to search online for companies in your field, if your number’s staring at them, they’re more likely to call you. Making your contact details highly visible on your brochure makes life easy for them. It’s a simple but effective strategy. 

  • Target people who don’t know you

Prospects don’t need to be searching for you to learn about your brand. Distributing a brochure does this for you. If it’s well-designed, it might just spark their attention and lead to a new customer.

  • Inform & prompt action

Brochures are multi-purposeful. You can use most of the space to educate prospects about what you can do for them, then end with a sense of urgency – an action to take. Build the trust first, then guide them with what to do next. Offering incentives such as discounts or free gifts that are only valid for a short period of time further build that sense of urgency and drive action.

  • Capture through engaging visuals

Unlike other marketing materials or digital strategies, you have a lot of space with a brochure. Utilise it by adding beautiful, emotive images to the design. This will help ‘sell’ your products or service. Don’t be afraid to humanise it and avoid using stock images if possible.

Partner with Perth’s high-quality brochure printing company.

Remember, it all comes back to your audience and what they need. Let this guide the process.

When it comes to something you’re physically handing to a customer, quality makes all the difference. Hence why it’s important to use a professional printer who can help you create high quality brochures that drive sales.

At Clockwork Print, we understand how to create brochures that build trust, establish you as an authority, grab attention, and look great. From something as seemingly simple as the paper quality through to how you design it, we’re here.

Got a sale coming up? Want to promote your products? Talk to us about how we can design and print your new brochures. Contact us on 08 6254 9999.

They’ll be so good you might not want to give them away.  

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