The 4 Reasons Why Print is Powerful for the Retail Industry   

Digital advertising is all the rage right now, and for good reason. It’s boundless, affordable, and provides great targeting. It gives you the chance to connect with thousands of people around the world. But it’s effectiveness always comes back to your business and the industry you operate in. For example, for the retail industry, traditional advertising still prevails when used correctly. Finding an affordable printing company is step one in ensuring the success of your print advertising.

Think about the last time you walked past a shop and went inside, prompted by a sales sign. Maybe you saw a poster at a restaurant or on a street pole about an upcoming event. Marketing that’s tangible, like print, is a powerful way to connect with your prospects, particularly for retail businesses.

Maybe you’ve got people browsing your shop but aren’t quite ready to buy. Having a stand of brochures that they can take home and flick through when they’re focused is a feeling that can’t be emulated through a digital strategy like Facebook ads.

If it’s a large item, chances are it’s an emotional purchase. They need to take their time through the buying process. And if you have a physical reminder of your brand close by, this helps remain top of mind.

Bring your brand to life, tangibly…

If you’re wondering if print is dead in 2018, it’s a valid question. But ask yourself this: when was the last time you went into a shop that didn’t have any signs, displays or posters? All retail outlets do. It’s part of a buyer’s experience (and always will be).

Here are a few reasons why they work well for retail:

  • Increased credibility: Scientists have proven that print ads make a better impression than digital ones. A print ad or display has more integrity behind it than an ad you see in a quick scroll through social media.
  • Capture (and hold) their attention: People see ads all day every day, often in their own ‘personal space’, like Facebook. They’re more likely to focus on that advertising when looking at something physical.
  • Encourage instant sales: Unlike directing people to a website to learn more about your brand, print ads and materials can be used to make immediate sales by capturing foot traffic.
  • Reiterate your brand message: Use posters, brochures, banners, books and other collateral to reinforce your vision and how it can help your customers.

Your affordable printing Perth company,

To help get more customers through your doors.  

If you’re considering whether print is still a worthwhile investment for your retail business, think about your own buying habits. Even if you’re wandering around a shopping district, a poster or sign might draw you into a shop that you didn’t initially intend to enter.

Run regular specials? Marketing it through print can help showcase it in a visual manner. Then, back it up by reaffirming this message online, via your website, social media, and digital strategies. Communicate this special at every customer touchpoint, starting with print.

Best of all, we can create your print collateral affordably to promote brand awareness, seasonal specials, and increase sales.

Now, let’s get to the fun part: the design. Contact us on 08 6254 9999 and we can get you on track to retail success with one of our in-house designers. Our talented graphic design team can assist in creating designs that reflect the uniqueness of what you do, helping you achieve terrific results for you and your company.

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