3 Essential Print Marketing Materials for the Mining Industry. Yes, Mining.

Of all the industries that can leverage print marketing tools, mining doesn’t exactly spring to mind first.  The reality is, over half of Australia’s mining companies are reaching out to prospects who know nothing about them.

As with all brands in every industry, reputation is everything. This is especially true for mining firms where communicating core values, equipment and service, capabilities and accreditations is necessary.

Statistics show that having a company website and attending trade shows are the two most lucrative marketing tools for mining companies. We’re most interested in the latter, trade shows.

Mining isn’t an easy niche to target. Yet, by attending trade shows and expos, you can improve brand awareness. For this reason, we’d like to focus on three essential print marketing materials that can help positively position your mining company. 

Signs & banners

Do you hold client meetings in the office? Welcome prospects with pull-up banners to introduce your brand and communicate your ethos. Signage for reception areas, on-site and at marketing events is another valuable tool in your promotional arsenal.

While we’re on the topic of visual aids, signs are also an essential tool for maintaining safety on-site. Workers need to be made aware of hazards, safety issues, and new procedures. Signs are an effective way to achieve this. Improve Health and Safety by adding signs, banners and displays to inform and remind your people and also protect your company.

Trade show display

We know trade shows are your second-most valuable marketing activity in the mining industry. Get prepared for your next event with a suite of promotional materials such as business cards, a well-designed expo-site, eye-catching signage, banners, brochures, reports and stationery items.

Does a mining company need these items? Well, yes, operate with the mindset of any business prospects who come into your booth.  They will engage with the information you present – and ideally, take it away in their presentation folder, to refer to later.

First impressions count, so take your booth design seriously, making sure it looks professional and engages, just like the image you’re expressing.

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle wraparounds serve two main purposes: to promote your business to the public and improve safety on-site.

We create various types of vehicle graphics, based on your needs. Would you like to increase brand awareness? Ensure all your vehicles look the same? Promote your company to the wider community? Let us know what impact you’d like to achieve. 

Mining companies and marketing are two phrases that don’t often go together. But, brand awareness shouldn’t be an after-thought. Don’t let operating within a niche environment restrict you from marketing your firm.

Be strategic, tailor your activities to your customer portfolio and let your print and signage collateral do the ‘talking’ for you – with you there to continue the conversations.

Yes, when we think of marketing, our initial impressions are dusty machinery and hard-working miners. But, your company, like other mining firms, propel wider industries and economies. These are stories that need to be told… and we can help you do this, with livery, trade show materials and vehicle graphics. Contact us now to discuss further how we may help!

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