The 3 Print Marketing Materials That Every Restaurant Should Have

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling like… Indian for dinner. So, you grab your phone and search for restaurants close to you. That’s one way of finding new places to eat, but, we’re not always this proactive or intentional about our food choices.

Sometimes, we don’t even know we want something…until we see it. For a restaurant, this is a huge plus. It gives you the opportunity to promote and entice. From menu flyers through to street signs, there are plenty of ways to ignite people’s taste buds by utilising print as a marketing tool.

We’re going to go through three of our favourites in this post.

Get your marketing aromas working with these ideas.  

Every house has a ‘takeaway menus’ pile. Whether they’re found on the fridge or in a dedicated drawer, we all have our collections.

  1. Letterbox drops

There’s a difference between receiving junk mail and collecting menus from local restaurants.

Whether it’s a flyer with your list, a special voucher, a buy one get one free or a more comprehensive print out about your restaurant, letterbox drops can be beneficial.

When cleverly designed, you’ll capture their attention and give them a reason to keep it (such as deals that can only be redeemed using the leaflet). You can even create a time-sensitive voucher to instil some urgency.

  • Loyalty & discount cards

If we had to pick an industry where loyalty and discount cards dominate, that would be the food industry. You’ve probably got a couple of cards from your favourite cafés. Have you ever thought about creating one for your restaurant? The best part is that every loyalty card is different.

You can offer one free meal whenever a customer spends over $150 or structure it on the number of visits. Get creative, gauge what works best with your customers, and increase repeat business.

  • Window stickers & A-frames

If you’ve just moved locations or merely want to attract more foot traffic, A-frames are a great way to do this. Retail shops do this well, but it can be just as useful for restaurants and eateries – particularly if yours is hidden down a lane-way, side street or nook (many of the best places are).

And when you’d like to change the design, that’s easy with the slide or snap-in A-frames. These ‘street signs’ are durable and easy to move, so you won’t break out into a sweat bringing it in at night.

There are also plenty of other printed resources you can leverage, such as outdoor posters and small format point of sale. If you’re unsure which printed marketing material will best suit your restaurant, talk to the team at Clockwork Print.

We support many of Perth’s restaurants to help bring more customers in by leveraging the power of print marketing. By partnering with us, you’ll get both a design and print firm ready to assist. From the designing to handing you the printed materials, we take care of it all. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at

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