3 Print Marketing Essentials Every eCommerce Website Needs

Print marketing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of eCommerce website promotion. But, think about it. Potential ‘offline’ customers are much less likely to find out about your online store, than those who regularly peruse Facebook, Instagram and blogs. By investing in printed collateral, you have an opportunity to connect with more leads.

Also, if you operate a bricks and mortar store, and have recently gone online, a simple one-page print out promoting the new website can direct your customers who already buy from you to your online site. You could also add something like ‘20% off your first online order’ on the leaflet with a discount code to further encourage new customers.

You can promote your eCommerce store in many ways. Print marketing and advertising, for example, are being more and more under-utilised. But this leaves a large, untapped cluster of people that, most likely, also shop online and would be interested in your product. Print collateral is still the most trustworthy marketing tool. And, in a saturated digital space, investing in print materials can give your online store an edge above your competitors.

Let’s look at three print tools to consider.

Increase shoppers to your stores (both of them).

Like we said, there are plenty of ways to do this, so have a bit of fun putting yourself in the mind of your customer and think about where your customers might spend their time. This brings us to our first suggestion:

Brochures & flyers

Capture the attention of passer’s by at places like restaurants, cafés, shops, and hotels. Let’s say you’ve launched a new fitness clothing eCommerce website. Visit the big gymnasiums in your city and ask if you can leave a few dozen brochures, flyers and leaflets on the counter. See what you can offer them, so it’s a win-win for both businesses. Maybe you can create a specific set of flyers for every business, with their own discount code (that they earn 5% from, too).

Letterbox Drops

If you do it right, letterbox drops are extremely effective. Give people a reason to jump online and check out your online store. Do this with a coupon code that’s valid for the rest of the month. Think about their pain points, like buying something from a company they haven’t heard of. A simple fix for this could be offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Product Catalogues

While this printed project is a little more involved, it can pay off if you position your catalogues in the right location. Think about selecting half a dozen brand partners who can promote your online store to their customers. Consider focusing on your high-end products for your catalogue to maximise your ROI.

There are plenty of other ways to promote your eCommerce store. Don’t ignore important marketing channels, like print, just because your business is operating online.

Clockwork Print can not only print your physical marketing collateral, we can design it too. Ensuring you have high quality designs that capture the attention of potential customers and drive sales. Get started today, you can contact us on 08 6254 9999.

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