Creative vehicle graphics

Grab the attention of other drivers on the road by investing in vehicle graphics. Spread your business far and wide, just by driving around.

When we think of advertising, a TV ad or magazine print promotion often comes to mind. But as the world has changed with technology, so has advertising. But think of one thing that hasn’t changed. It’s something all of us do, every day: driving.

Having your company promoted on your vehicle is an effective way to connect with people who might otherwise not have seen you. Think about how many people you drive past on the roads. That’s literally hundreds of potential customers.

1. Magnetic car signs

By placing magnetic car signs or car bumper stickers on your vehicle, you’re sharing your brand story. The more and more they spot your vehicle, the deeper your name will resonate with them. When they need your service, you’ll be top of mind. Name recognition plays an important role in gaining new customers. It’s marketing 101.

Bumper stickers work effectively, especially for driving around the city. It’s probably the one time where being stuck in traffic is actually a good thing. The car behind you will be staring at your logo and phone number. These stickers can also be placed on windows and buildings (or anywhere you want your brand to be seen).

2. One-way vision

Similarly, one-way vision signs attract people who are driving or walking around. They’re digitally printed vinyl graphics that are water-resistant. If your car park is in a high-traffic area, consider one-way vision stickers. They’re a great way to showcase your brand while your car is parked. The perforations allow you to see the world through the graphic – but not vice versa. Make the most of your rear window with this marketing tool. Think about a creative market slogan, and this strategy is a winner. Because it’s done digitally, the design options are almost endless.

3. Spot graphics

You can have fun with your vehicle communications, by adding spot graphics. They only cover a small space of your car and usually just include a graphic, phone number, and short amount of text. Because they’re easy to update, you can change these graphics regularly. Got a special you’re currently running? Here’s the perfect spot to promote it.

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