3 Must-Have Printed Marketing Materials For Realtors

There are certain industries where printed materials are an important marketing tool. Real estate is a perfect example. If you’re a realtor, you know how hard it is to compete against the dozens of agents in your area. Use printing as a tool to stay top of mind with your potential customers.

Let’s look at these two options. The first real estate agent comes prepared to a showing with a presentation folder that include a business card, property information, and a one-pager about the property firm. Then, another agent shows that same property, but lets his or her potential customers walk out without anything to refer back to.

Can you guess which agent those people call? Yep, the one with the printed marketing materials. Even if the reason is as simple as ‘I can find their number quicker’, they will call the first agent.

If you’re in the real estate industry, consider investing in these three tools to help promote your services.

The best real estate print products.

Yes, technology offers a wide range of opportunities to connect and communicate with potential customers, but it shouldn’t replace these printed items.

  • Business cards

There’s one marketing tool that will always be useful: the business card. Yes, you can save numbers in your iPhone, but you might not remember the name of the person or company. Business cards are a cost-effective way to ensure your potential clients remember you. This also gives them a quick and easy way to contact you. Design your cards strategically, so the first thing people think of is ‘oh, yes, him (or her)’.

  • Flyers & appointment cards

These two go well together. When a potential client books a time to meet with you, send them an appointment card, stapled to a flyer. Again, they can put this on their fridge to remind them of the appointment, as well as learn about you prior to the face-to-face contact. You can put your experience, industry acclaim, client reviews and other information relevant to them right now on the flyer. It helps set the tone for the appointment.

  • Banners

One of the most important printed items for realtors are outdoor signs and banners. They’re a great way to bring in people from the street into properties on sale or being auctioned. Large outdoor banners don’t go unnoticed, and the new house you’ve just put on the market won’t either.

Stationary items and brochures are also other good printed tools that can be used by realtors. With the large number of houses that your prospects will be visiting, it’s important to do everything you can to stand out. Something as seemingly small as a business card could be the difference in getting that call back.

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