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Mining sector overview

Australia’s mining and resources sector has emerged relatively unscathed from the global COVID-19 pandemic. It remains our largest economic sector. Mining comprises 10.4% of the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019/20. If you include mining equipment, technology and services, that’s about 15% of Australia’s GDP. This translates to 10% of the total workforce with 1.1 million jobs.

What do top management consultancies say about the state of the mining industry?

  • PwC’s 2021 mining review recommends an environmental, social and governance (ESG) focus. This gives mining giants a “compelling path” to build trust and grow sustainably.
  • Deloitte identifies the building/rebuilding of trust among stakeholders as a key priority. They share 10 global trends, including ‘Creating an Agile Supply Chain’.
  • Boston Consulting Group reports that global stock and commodity prices have recovered fast. Iron ore prices have rebounded by 62% in 2021. This is despite eroding profits, market fragmentation, ‘green’ pressure, and uncertain forecasting. To thrive, mining companies must re-engineer success. This includes embracing ESG, digitalisation and diversity. Top value creators won with:
    • skilful mergers and acquisition,
    • vertical integrations,
    • increased production,
    • alternate mine financing,
    • fresh leadership from outside the industry, and
    • digital transformation.

How does print marketing and advertising help mining vendors add value to mining companies?

Despite general trends in declining print ad revenue and newspaper/magazine circulations, recent statistics suggest that tangible print marketing and advertising are still effective as marketing tools. For mining companies, print solutions are vital for work health safety operations as well.

Mining suppliers can use these facts to their advantage:

  • Print ads create 77% stronger brand recall (higher than 46% for digital ads).
  • Trusted by 82% of consumers when making a purchase decision.
  • Boosts campaign effectiveness by 400% when combined with digital ads.
  • 80% of customers act on direct mailer ads, which is 37% higher than for email.

Effective print marketing solutions include:

  • Personalised print materials to build business-customer relationships. These become more affordable with better print-on-demand technology.
  • Increasingly sophisticated targeted direct mail campaigns including proximity and propensity mailing.
  • Data-driven direct mail retargeting that gets noticed more than emails.
  • Integrated print and digital advertising, e.g, with QR codes.
  • Creative range of hard and soft printing materials and printing methods with special effects.

What’s in it for mining industry suppliers?

Robust forecasts for the mining sector brings you rich opportunities. Print marketing, advertising, and operational solutions help you articulate and amplify your business value:

  • As an innovative, trustworthy and reliable ally to leading mining companies.
  • As a choice supplier that provides products or services to help mining clients forge a brighter future.

There are two broad ways Clockwork Print can hep you demonstrate such business value to mining companies:

  • Provide quality print solutions for advertising and marketing purposes.
  • Provide quality print solutions for general and safety operations.

Marketing & advertising. Using print marketing and advertising solutions to increase your professional presence, you can connect better with mining companies. And help them connect better with their stakeholders. Print materials can complement digital marketing to get things done, build trust and nurture relationships. That’s because great communication among stakeholders is vital for building credibility and assurance. 

General and safety operations. Did you know that your operational business materials are also subconsciously seen as a part of your marketing and branding? Simply by being associated with your business.

  • Let the quality, design, durability, usefulness and communicative effectiveness of your indoor and outdoor signage open more doors with positive business interactions and relationships.
  • As an added service and extension of your business offerings, you may also like to provide operational business materials that are relevant to your business for your clients. For more ideas, see the section on operational print solutions below.

Marketing and advertising print solutions for mining suppliers

A key business promotion strategy is to create memorable branded touchpoints associated with your business as a supplier to the mining industry.

touchpoint is any time anyone is exposed to some aspect of your business—before, during or after they buy from you. For instance, what they see, hear, touch, smell, or taste, and what feelings, good and bad, they associate with the experience.

You can create memorable touchpoints with cost-effective print marketing and advertising solutions. Display a strong and consistent brand presence at every touchpoint to increase awareness and recall.

Here are some examples of where and when print marketing can help you showcase your business.

  • Event presence. Venues benefiting from strong print marketing include trade shows or expos, conventions or exhibitions, and university recruitment drives.
  • Locations near you. Don’t forget areas in and around your offices and shops.
  • Portable marketing. Marketing locations can be mobile too, like your business vehicles or pop-up promotional stands.
  • Business branding. Other touchpoints include corporate gifts, branded business attire, and branded stationery.

To make a lasting positive impression as a great mining supplier, ask yourself:

  • Which of these print marketing tools below do you already have in your marketing arsenal?
  • Which of your marketing tools need reviewing for consistency, freshness, and brand synergy?
  • What new ideas and energy could you inject into your marketing mix and what’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve this?

#1 Pop-up displays for events & foyers

Whether you are at a trade show or welcoming a prospect to your office, large format pop-up displays communicate your business value ‘loud and proud’. ‘Big and bold’ can be ‘light, mobile and sturdy’. These high-impact displays are constructed from aluminium poles and printed stretch fabric so you can easily move them to where and when you need them.

Print solutions for events & foyers:

Curved Wall Display

Serpentine Wall Display

Fabric Counters

Straight Wall Display

Tv & Ipad Stands

Foyer Displays

Signage and Banners

Stand-alone indoor and outdoor custom-branded banners of various sizes are convenient and portable marketing tools for staking a business presence. Use them not only to stand out at mining and engineering exhibitions and trade shows! Give them pride of place in your business foyer, near your business locations, at group presentations, and also as a physical backdrop for Zoom meetings or project updates.
Another type of high-impact print marketing display is window and store decals and other forms of printed graphics. Print marketing solutions repeatedly create a strong visual business presence wherever you conduct your business.

Print solutions – signage and banners:


Pull-up Banners

Outdoor A-Frame Signage

Large Format Display Boards & Billboards

#3 Marketing collateral

Most businesses start with self-printed flyers or product sheets. You can add more professionally designed items to win people over at every stage of the buyer funnel. Provide useful business information in an appealing format that they can keep and consider. This is especially useful at your next presentation, workshop, or mining trade show.

At every phase of the buyer journey, provide value and help prospects choose you.
Customise print collateral to:

  • raise awareness,
  • generate leads,
  • increase interactive engagement,
  • explain products and services,
  • nurture prospects,
  • process sales contracts,
  • follow up with materials that support onboarding and long-term customer success.

Your suite of marketing collateral can include corporate brochures, presentation folders, white papers, case studies, newsletters, solution booklets, and more.

Print solutions – marketing collateral:



Corporate Brochures & Product Flyers

Catalogues & Magazines

Newsletters & Directories

Business Cards

Presentation Folders

Thought Leadership Reports

4 Vehicle graphics

Are your work vehicles often on the road as you conduct your business? Leverage that mobile exposure to real life traffic. Add attractive graphics and marketing content. Vehicle graphics not only establish a professional visual identity to strengthen brand equity. They can also promote safety by making your vehicles stand out.


Mobile print solutions – vehicle graphics:


Magnetic Car Signs

Bumper Stickers

Removable Spot Graphics

#5 Branded packaging

Professional product packaging design conveys strong first impressions. Let your packaging work hard to promote your brand.

What does your current packaging say about your brand?

  • Is there high perceived quality? We help you pick the right material, design, and printing method to create the desired visual impact.
  • Are the packaging materials practical (e.g. protects the product, and easy to carry)? We help you ensure that the packaging material is fit for use, both in terms of material and printing.
  • Are there safety or functional considerations to keep in mind? Again, we have the experience to help you pick the right grade of material on which to customise branded printing.

To support the environmental, social and governance agendas of mining companies, consider using materials that are environmentally friendly. If using stickers, ensure that you get the most appropriate materials and adhesives designed for the conditions of the locations of use, indoors or outdoors.

Print solutions – branded packaging:


Themed Promotion

Retail & Product Packaging

Festive Gift Packaging

#6 Corporate items and gifts

When you are wooing that mining client, there are practical ways to encourage their top-of-mind recall of your business. How?

  • By providing complimentary gifts featuring your brand logo or other information that are useful in your prospects’ everyday work life.
  • Branded gifts also serve as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill to thank your clients for choosing your business.

Popular and practical gifts include stress balls, desktop calendars, post-it pads, USB drives, and coasters. Come to us for additional ideas on something different that’s strategically aligned with your brand and your business. 

Print solutions – branded gifts:

Desktop Calendar

Custom Gift & Packaging