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Do you have physical premises or a location where your customers visit you? You can attract more foot traffic and make it easier for people to find you with professional signage.
There are many ways to do this, whether it’s an A-frame out the front of your shop, visuals on your door or a corflute roster sign that sits in your window (catching eyes, passing by). The great thing about signage is it works for almost every industry.
From retail shops and grocery stores, doctor’s surgeries and schools, signs tell people who and where you are. Given how vital signs are in a company’s marketing mix, professional design is a must. 

Bring more customers through the doors,
With creative sign design.

Have you ever struggled to find a business? Maybe Google Maps sent you to an unsigned address, and you couldn’t see the company you were looking for. We’ve all experienced this before, haven’t we? It’s frustrating and, as a business owner, you’re risking losing potential customers.

So, when do you need signage? Always, actually. For businesses, signs are not only essential for assisting customers in finding your address, but they are essential for attracting new customers. Good design can make the difference between prospects walking in (or continuing to go past your premises).

If you’re a new business, have rebranded or have just moved, creative design can raise awareness. If you want to improve your visibility and entice people from your local area, hire a professional sign designer.

Signs are both an advertising tool and play a functional role in your business operations. This is yet another reason why using a professional designer is beneficial – to maximise the usage and, in turn, your investment. 

Signage is a cost-effective brand reiteration strategy that doesn’t require you to continue to regularly re-invest (unless you’re producing ‘specials’ or promotional signs). You’re in control of where you put them, too. If there’s a part of the street or side walk that attracts many people, you could place your sign there.
You can communicate your brand messages to help differentiate you from the competition. Just as your business card, flyers and website ‘tells’ your audience who you are, your signage does, too. This is why smart signage design is crucial. You want to captivate the public, but for the right reasons, to create a positive and memorable impression.
Working with a designer will ensure that your signs not only grab the attention of passers-by, but encourage them to take action.

The leaders in custom sign design.  

At Clockwork Print, we help many Perth businesses with their signage design. It’s not as simple as just choosing the best type of signage and putting together words and visuals. For your sign to have an impact, it’s crucial that you work with a designer who can guide you with what needs to be on your banner.

We can take care of all your signage (and printing) needs. No matter what size, shape or colour you envision your signs to look like, you won’t need to go through another company for any aspect of your signage creation.

Start with the signs and see what else you need. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at

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