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Have you walked into a café and seen a poster for an upcoming event? The poster would have given you a feel for what the event would be like and if you liked it, you would have mentally marked it in your calendar. Maybe you were walking in the city and a colourful poster caught your eye. It was promoting the new gym in the area, and the word FREE sparked your attention.

As a business, posters are a timeless marketing tool. While your customers will see hundreds of ads every time they go online, nothing compares to the connection a smartly created poster can foster. This is where great design comes in.

Get people to stop, look and ‘get’ your poster.

Think about the placement of posters for a moment. They’re put up in public settings, often in busy areas, exposed to hundreds or thousands of people every day. If they’re not entertaining, the foot traffic will just keep moving.

No matter how great the position is, if the design isn’t enticing, the poster won’t generate awareness. There are many factors that come into play when creating a campaign. You need to consider where the poster will be placed to determine size, visuals, finish and text.

Who is your desired audience? Do they know about your brand already, or are you ‘speaking’ to the general public? Are you raising awareness about your company, or do you want them to follow a specific action? A professional poster design staff member will help you answer these questions, and concept the graphics accordingly.

Tell your story… and ‘retell’ every time they see your poster.

At Clockwork Print, we love helping Perth businesses share their compelling message through posters. It’s a cost-effective marketing tool that generates continuous exposure for your brand. And with great design, you can do this in a subtle, creative way.

When you compare the potential impact of a sign people walk past every day vs. a Facebook ad they scroll past, you can see how integral posters are to a cohesive marketing strategy.

No matter what industry you’re in, posters can work for you. Whether you want to market your business, launch a sale or sell more tickets to an upcoming event, our designers work with you to craft a compelling poster.


We’ll make sure it can be read easily from a distance with catchy copy and suggest the best size and finish, based on the distribution locations. Image placement, typography, colours, and a Call to Action (CTA) are also key design components that are part of our service. 
The Clockwork Print team will take care of the whole process – from swapping ideas and concepts to printing (and reprinting). We specialise in a range of styles such as outdoor posterslaminated postersfabric posters and presentation posters.
One thing’s for sure: If you need a poster, Clockwork Print can create it – no matter what your budget or preference is. For high-quality posters that guarantee eyeballs, talk to us. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at

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