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If there’s one marketing tool that every company (heck, every employee) needs, it’s business cards. Whenever you meet and connect with someone in a professional setting, this is what you give to them.
Actually, this works in any setting. After work drinks? Children’s birthday party? You name it. Always have a few business cards in your pocket, ready for business meetups and those serendipitous occasions.

So, speaking of business cards, it’s a great opportunity to impress. Within just a few seconds, it tells a potential client what you do. But a business card is more than just a job title and contact details. The way it’s designed conveys even more.

Is it minimal, yet beautifully designed? Or more graphical and includes creative wordplay? Both design approaches impact the way the client perceives you. Give some thought to the type of emotions your business card should evoke. This is where good design comes in.

Or prefer to give us the creative licence?   

Our graphic design staff can create your new business cards. You can say a lot in a small space. With our team of graphic design staff, we create your new business cards. If you’ve got ideas or a past design to work from, that’s great. But so is working with a blank canvas and giving us the go ahead to get creative.

Of course, at the foundation of every well-designed business card is an understanding of your brand’s ethos. It’s not just about who has the coolest, funkiest design. The card needs to have brand substance behind it.

With business cards, or any marketing material for that matter, it’s easy to get carried away by how it looks. But we’ll show you that you can have both – amazing design that’s connected to your company’s vision. Our Clockwork designers always start with your company’s ‘why.’ 

Clockwork Print’s premium quality.

Clockwork Print can design the logo and graphics for your business cards. This way, you can use these marketing resources across all your other promotional materials, like stationery, flyers, letterheads, product packaging and banners.

But, it always starts with your business card.

Even if you have your own design, we’re happy to review it and make sure that it’s in line with your company’s ‘voice’ and brand persona. If changes need to be made before we print them, we’re happy to do this.

Real world analytics?

While we doubt business cards will ever go out of fashion, this doesn’t mean we can’t add features to them. We can add QR codes to your business cards to drive potential clients gently to your digital marketing channels.

This works brilliantly at conferences because you can set up event-specific landing pages with embedded tracking to show the correlation between your business cards and overall marketing activities. Let’s take your business cards digital.

For quick turnarounds and fast delivery in Perth on your snappy, new business cards, partner with Clockwork Print. You’ll get the full package with us: the design and printing. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at

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