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Do you have an Expo, trade show or conference coming up? Launching a new product or service and want to promote it to foot traffic? Looking to raise awareness of your brand?

There are plenty of situations where banners can help promote your business. Whether you’ve got a specific message you’d like to convey or you don’t have any physical marketing tools, banners are a smart investment.

Similar to signs, banners help grab the attention of people walking past your place of business and encourage them inside – doubling in usage, both advertising and directing people. We’ve all seen the ‘grand opening, come inside…’ banners offering some kind of special offer to entice us. New gyms, car yards and restaurants do this well.

Unlike posters (which also have their own purpose), banners command attention and are easy to transport and set up. Whether you want them in your reception, outside the premises or at an expo site, you can move and store your banners easily. So, if there’s a certain time of year you bring a banner out, it’s super easy to store it.

The role of well-designed banners.

Banners are an inexpensive, flexible and reusable way to promote your business. Take it to a trade show or display it if you’re sponsoring an event to spread your brand’s message. Or, simply put it near the front door to your business.

People recall brands the more they see them, which is why the design aspect of your banner is critical. If someone walks past your eye-catching, curiosity-evoking banner every day, he or she is more likely to reach out to your business. Good design plants the seed in their mind. Then, when they need that product or service, guess who will come to mind? Yep, your brand.

What do we mean by good banner design? Well, many things, including a recognisable logo, an original colour scheme, clever copy, and a call to action (a reason to contact you).

Clockwork Print: one company, every type of banner.

Now that you’re excited about what banners can do for your promotions, let’s talk about our design services. We’ll work with you closely to decipher the story you want to tell, suggest the best type of banner, and print it. Our all-inclusive banner design service is what Clockwork customers have come to love most about us.

Whether you’ve got an event coming up, have moved locations, want to attract more foot traffic or need promotional collateral for interior or exterior use, talk to Clockwork Print.  We specialise in designing pull-upflagvinyl, and mesh banners for all types of Perth businesses as well as producing them on a quality support system.

For example, the classic pull-up banner assembles in less than 60 seconds, so you can quickly set up at new locations. The quick-change technology lets you update your graphic messaging as much as you’d like. The Clockwork Print pull-up weighs only three kilograms and comes with a carry case. It’s perfect if your business often presents at events.

Use our all-inclusive design and printing service to create your new banners. To get started, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email us at

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