Marine Plywood is manufactured with “AA” grade face and back and marine grade bond. Excellent veneer quality makes this product ideal for staining and painting. Marine bond will not deteriorate due to moisture exposure. Excellent strength and stiffness.

Marine plywood has long been known as the “Rolls Royce” of plywood, and for good reason. It is a high performing product, suitable when “only the best will do”. Constructed using the highest grade veneers (face and core veneers), it is manufactured from selected species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristic.

Key Features

  • “AA” grade face and back
  • Marine strength bond
  • Full hardwood construction
  • Excellent strength and stiffness
  • Durable, strong and cohesive
  • Dimensional stability

Product Applications

  • Unique advertising
  • Stylish point of sale displays
  • Outdoor / indoor signage
  • 3D applications
  • Event design fitout
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