What is Archive Scanning and Why is it Important for Your Business?

What is document archiving?

If your business’ paper and physical files need to be transferred to a digital medium that gives you greater storage capacity while still providing easy access, our range of archive scanning services provide the ideal solution.
At Clockwork Print, we can scan and digitise all of your business documentation and create a digital archive that will reduce storage and retrieval costs, protect your records in case of a disaster, and help to ensure that you are meeting all state and federal requirements with regard to scanning and archiving documents.


What is digital scanning?

Archive scanning is the process whereby hard or paper copies of documents are electronically scanned and retained so that instead of a physical file, you have a digital version of the document. 
When you scan to archive, it means that your business documentation is securely stored and easily accessible, without taking up excessive amounts of physical space in your business premises or at a specialist storage facility.

What is involved in digital scanning?

We are specialists in scanning and archiving services, and we have the experience and expertise to handle scanning projects of all sizes. Our team will work with you to ensure that you are fully prepared in terms of sorting the documents you need to have digitised, and retrieving your material prior to the scanning and archive process.
Before archive scanning begins, you will also need to decide how you want to deal with books, bound documents and folders, as well as loose sheaves of paper and material already stored on digital media like USBs, disks, etc. We will also work with you to choose an appropriate process for processing and naming your digital files, along with the format to be used, e.g., landscape, portrait or a mixture of both.  
Clockwork Print can also help you with the process of uploading your digitised archive to a Cloud server or other form digital storage, and can set up a customised document management system, if required.

The importance of scanning and archiving your documents

Easier to search

After scanning archival documents, you always have quick and easy access to your files and other stored material, saving time, energy and money when compared to searching in a physical archive or document storage facility.

Improved accessibility

Networking means that not only can you control who has access to your digital documents, but also where and when they can be accessed. You can, for instance, choose to make documents available on the devices in your office, or from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet as well, giving you outstanding workplace flexibility and accessibility.

Reclaimed physical space

Document scanning archiving solutions can free up significant space in your office, removing the need for bulky filing cabinets or endless storage boxes. Alternatively, if your hard copy files are being stored in a specialist storage facility, you can save costs by scanning and archiving documents digitally instead.

Cost efficiency

If you have extensive files and archives, they can take up considerable space, which can be an unwanted cost to your business. Likewise, the time and energy required to physically search cluttered filing cabinets and storage boxes can also cost you money in terms of staff time. Taking advantage of our archive scanning services means you can streamline your document storage and cut down on your overheads.

Increased productivity

Another significant advantage of scanning and archiving documents is the increase in productivity it delivers. Collaboration is easier, communication is streamlined, and the time required to search for documents and files is significantly reduced. Having access to material remotely also means greater productivity, as staff can work wherever they are, at any time.

Enhanced security

Storing your documents in a digital archive reduces the risk of loss and enhances security. Your material is not at risk of damage through fire, flood or being stolen, there is no danger of files being lost through human error, and material does not deteriorate with age, as can be the case with paper documents. Using a Cloud storage system also means that documents are always backed up and retrievable from different devices and in multiple locations.

Business growth and overall success

The combination of increased productivity, reduced costs and enhanced security means that archive scanning is a cost-effective way of improving your overall business operations.

How can you achieve an organised document archive?

The keys to creating an efficient and organised digital document archive are secure off-site storage, easy accessibility to documents, a consistent file naming and classification system, and the ability to include a broad range of materials (for instance, scanning photos for archival purposes can be an important part of this process).
Clockwork Print offers archive scanning designed for all types of businesses and organisations, providing a range of first class front-end information management and archiving services. We can also provide secure destruction for confidential documents and materials which are no longer required.

Clockwork Print’s digital scanning and archive services

We specialise in archive scanning and can help you manage all the steps required to ensure the efficient digitalising of your paper documents, books and other hard copy materials. Our team will work with you to ensure that disruption to your business operations is kept to a minimum, and that your digital file storage system offers maximum accessibility and security.

Looking for document scanning and archiving services for your business?

Clockwork Print is your local digital scanning and archiving service partner. For more information, contact us on 08 6254 9999 or email our team on clockwork@qualitypress.com.au.

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