Photograph Scanning

Photograph Scanning
In the age of digital cameras and smartphones, photos are easy to store and retrieve instantly but what about those older memories?  Childhood photographs, Aunty Joan's 80th or even those random Polaroids of nights out with friends?  If you're anything like us here at Clockwork Print, those memories are captured in thousands of wonderful old print photos that lie dormant in big thick albums at the bottom of bookshelves, or gather dust in shoe boxes in a cupboard. Its a very smart idea to protect your photos against such risks as loss; damage; fading; insect damage; fire; water and even theft but scanning photos one by one on a home scanner can be very long winded.

Let us do the work for you.  

We treat your treasured photos as if they are our own.  Clockwork Print offers you a unique personal photo scanning service.

Let us send you a Clockwork Print memory box and you fill it up with photographs.  Just bundle your photos into groups secured with elastic bands and label them how you would like them to be indexed (Extra fees may apply). For example:  Our wedding day, Thailand Holiday 1998, Mum & dads wedding etc.  Alternatively keep them loose and we can put them all into one folder.

Photos are scanned as JPEG Files (standard photo file as taken by your digital camera) and saved to a USB flash drive.  In addition we can save to a DVD or CD if required.  Photos can be scanned to a digital file at a resolution of either 300dpi, 600dpi or 1200dpi.

300 dpi is perfect for slideshows, TV, social media and small prints
600 dpi is great for photo books, limited editing (zoom and crop) and will print to nearly A4 size, 1200 dpi will provide advanced editing and print to print to nearly A3 size.  

Any special requests please call or email one of our friendly team for more information.  We also scan all paper documents…just give us a call for special prices.