ACM signboard (aluminium composite panels) has a Polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin aluminum panels. The result is a light weight sheet with excellent flatness and flexural stiffness, which is ideal for interior and exterior applications and have been developed with a special coating which is applied to the surface, this feature provides high definition print quality and durability along with a smooth surface.

The complete flatness of the aluminium composite makes the surface and your design look absolutely perfect. Digital Signbond can be machine after printing with no cracks or damage to the surface.

Key Features

  • Excellent ink absorption without pre-treatment
  • Extremely flat and smooth surface
  • Very good rigidity
  • Weather, corrosion and pollution resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Light weight

Product Applications

  • Large / small scale outdoor prints
  • Exhibitions
  • Commercial signage / hoarding
  • Point of sale posters and decorative murals
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