Clockwork offers a selection of laminates to cover all your laminating needs. Laminate your posters for extra protection from scratches, fingerprints and fading.

Hot laminating is the most common style of laminating. It has a characteristic lip of plastic around the document. It is double sided, can be used to laminate flat items that do not include inks or materials that will run or melt when heated. Typically used for laminating signage, posters or even plan prints.

Cold laminating is your best option when laminating to protect your block mounted posters. Its also suitable for heat-sensitive documents including faxes, photos, and documents printed with an ink jet printer. The hardcopy is laminated one side at a time and is trimmed right to the edge. You can laminate both sides if required.

Laminating Options

Gloss (for colour intensity)
Matt (for low reflection)
Liquid laminate (painted on) for canvas.