Roster Signs

Roster Signs

Roster signs are the economical, smaller alternative to A-Frames. Corflute Roster signs are lighweight, flexible and weatherproof.

Clockwork produces three sizes of corflute roster signs. Roster signs are very economical and ideal for pedestrian environments. The signs easily fold into a triangle. Corflute roster signs are more durable than any other type and can stand alone or be weighted to keep them anchored in outdoor areas.

Corflute Roster Sign

Easily portable, great value, signage.


  • Travels flat so great for when you’re on the road
  • Easy to assemble, triangle shape
  • Very affordable
  • Made of lightweight corflute
  • Die cut locking assembly
  • Double-sided
  • UV resistant

Available Sizes

W 60cm x H 34.5cm
W 60cm x H 46cm 
W 60cm x H 74cm